Be Heard

Your voice is calling.

At Pomfret, we are all heard. We listen to each other, form our own points of view, think independently, and learn to take ownership of our education and future. And when we graduate, we enter the world as responsible citizens who speak with purpose, stand up for our convictions, and are not only open to change, but have the courage to drive it.

Be Inspired

We’ll teach you how to think, not what to think. Curiosity, passion, and purpose — these are the real lessons.

Be Together

We’re more than a collection of individuals; we’re a community of friends. It’s what we do together that sets us apart.

Be Transformed

We’ll push you to keep striving, keep growing, and keep doing the things you love. Because, in the end, there are no ends.

Imagine yourself pitching your first business venture to funders; building a passive solar greenhouse; calculating how much load a suspension bridge can tolerate; or publishing your latest short story. These things are happening at Pomfret right now. And because the Pomfret Experience is about more than academics, the day is just beginning when classes end. If you love athletics, we have plenty to choose from — 42 teams spread across 15 different sports. We also offer drama, outdoor adventure, yoga, and community service opportunities. The choice is yours. As afternoon turns to evening, you’ll look forward to stir fry in the dining hall and hanging with friends back in the dorms. And because we like to keep things interesting, you never know when we might surprise you with a late-night movie or s’mores on the Quad.




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Most importantly, through all the hard work and all the fun and all the surprises, you’ll be surrounded and encouraged by a community of teachers, advisors, dorm parents, and friends who will become your second family. And when you graduate, you’ll be embraced by a community of alumni that includes a Nobel laureate, Academy Award-winning filmmaker, Olympic rower, and best-selling children’s book author.

We’d love to tell you more — about the stillness of Clark Chapel in the morning and the sense of belonging you’ll get during advisory dinners at night — but it would be impossible to describe it. So you’ll just have to come and see for yourself.

"Pomfret was a place where I found my voice. I was heard, maybe for the first time ever. That's the greatest gift I found at Pomfret and it's a skill I use every day."

— David Murray ’97