For The Griffin-Hearted

Pomfret is a small school with a big heart.

In this year’s Opening Chapel Talk, Head of School Tim Richards challenged students to put apathy to bed. "Care about something, anything," he said. "Make the world a better place for yourselves and those coming up behind you." Between November 8 and November 19, we invited members of the Classes of 2007–2021 to share what they care about with their fellow Griffins. Take a look at what they had to say. 




If you are inspired by their stories, consider a gift to support the next generation of change makers and problem solvers.

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Thanks for helping us unlock $25,000 in challenge money.

After receiving 50 story submissions, GRAY ’11 and MILES ’13 HAMILTON donated $25,000 to the Pomfret Fund in support of the next generation of Pomfret students, a cause near and dear to their hearts.