Endowment Giving

A Lasting Impact.

Endowment funds are an investment in the future. When you make a gift to the endowment, you are helping us to keep tuition affordable, grow financial aid, develop new programs, recruit top-notch faculty, make capital improvements, and keep up with technology — all of which pay dividends for the School.

Endowment Opportunities  
Faculty Chair $1.5 million
Professional Development Fund $100,000
Financial Aid Fund $100,000

There is a $100,000 minimum gift required to establish a new named endowed fund.

We invest permanently endowed funds wisely in accordance with the Board of Trustees established guidelines. A portion of the income generated each year is used to support strategic priorities of the School. Contributions can be made to expand these funds at any time, and new funds can be established in accordance with your wishes and the School’s priorities. As the following list of funds indicates, we can accommodate a variety of opportunities and interests.

Named Endowed Funds


Please contact Will Mitchell, director of advancement, at 860.963.6167.


I support Pomfret because of the things I see faculty do when no one else is looking. Money out of their own pockets so an advisee can go to dinner. Cleats so an athlete can play soccer. A blazer so a student can keep in dress code. The faculty here quietly and consistently give more than I expect, and I have been inspired. When I give to the Full Experience Fund, I know my donation will help our faculty do even more of this incredible work.