Service and Stewardship

Local solutions to local problems.

THOUGH POMFRET IS GLOBAL IN REACH, our Service and Stewardship program is intensely local. Our approach is rooted in the idea that changing the world begins and ends with taking care of the people and places around us. In our case, this means Northeastern Connecticut — the cities and towns, the woods and hills, of Pomfret, Woodstock, Thompson, Brooklyn, Hampton, and Putnam. 

At Pomfret, we believe community and conservation are deeply intertwined. You cannot have healthy communities without a healthy planet, and vice versa. Through this program, Pomfret students form the values and strength of character they will need to lead lives of civic engagement and social responsibility as adults.



Through the Community Initiative, we care for the people and communities that make the Quiet Corner a special place to live, learn, and work. Students who participate in this initiative can expect to develop a toolbox of social service skills that they can take back home to their own cities and towns.


Through the Conservation Initiative, we care for the plants, animals, habitats, and ecosystems that sustain and nourish us. Students who participate in this initiative can expect to cultivate these stewardship skills on our 500-acre campus and then apply them to off-campus projects in the surrounding area.


Service and stewardship opportunities are woven into the fabric of school life here at Pomfret, expressed in a variety of contexts, including days of service, fundraising drives, classes, independent studies, travel programs, and projects. Here are just a few of the many ways service and stewardship opportunities show up.


A defining characteristic of this program is the strong partnerships we have forged with local social service agencies and environmental organizations. These include The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp founded by actor Paul Newman and the Yale-Myers Forest managed by the Yale School of the Environment. Our partners benefit from the energy, ideas, and labor of our students. In turn, our students build transferable skills and gain valuable work experience while serving others.

"Service and stewardship experiences help produce graduates who have the empathy, experience, and skills to become active citizens and engaged leaders in their communities."

— Anne Richards, Service and Stewardship Co-Chair