Question. Understand. Engage. Share. Transition.

THE CORNERSTONE OF OUR STUDENT LIFE CURRICULUM, this signature program is at the heart of our student’s social and emotional learning, and an integral component of their growth and development. Grounded in Pomfret’s core values of community, integrity, and growth, QUEST enables students to learn more about who they are, who they are becoming, and how we can be and belong together in this community. 

The four pillars of the QUEST curriculum (Character, Community, Being, and Belonging) provide students with opportunities to learn essential knowledge and skills, consider new and different perspectives, practice habits of mind and body, make authentic connections, and engage in the vital work of discovery.

QUEST is integrated into the daily schedule across the school year to complement academics and deepen the community experience. Students participate in QUEST by grade level, and sessions and activities are facilitated by a team of student leaders and faculty.