You Belong Here

When you choose Pomfret, you join an extended family of students and teachers who will always be here for you.

Students and faculty come to Pomfret because we offer a world class education, but they stay because, at Pomfret, they belong. Here, classmates become siblings. Teachers become parents. Dorms become homes. At Pomfret, relationships matter.



I really enjoy the cohesive community; I have personal relationships with my teachers and have family-like bonds with many of my classmates.

— Andrew D.


Boarding Life


Clubs & Activities

The student life experience at Pomfret is designed to complement the academic journey by offering enriching programs with an emphasis on building character, developing cultural competency, making good decisions, and cultivating socio-emotional fluency. With opportunities for clubs, social activities, co-curriculum programs, and health and wellness programs, students build a personal portfolio centered on responsibility and well-being at Pomfret and develop skills that will equip them for college and life.