Science Center Live Cam

We're streaming the entire construction process.

In the drawings, the building sits on roughly the same footprint as its predecessor, following the sloping gradient of the hill, but shifted slightly to the south, to offer more expansive views of Pomfret’s playing fields and the valley beyond. With the setting sun as a backdrop, towering walls of glass are juxtaposed against vertical slats of multi-tonal metal siding, exuding warm tones of red and brown.

The three-story, 22,000 square foot facility is double the size of Monell. The centerpiece of the building is an airy space called the Hub, with windows stretching two stories, bathing the space with natural light. The floors are polished cement and the walls are accented with natural wood. Beyond the Hub, the building branches into a labyrinth of classrooms, labs, and community gathering spaces.

On the uppermost level of the building, state-of-the-art lab spaces are paired with the roof mechanicals needed to support them. At the ground level, a door in the environmental science classroom gives students direct access to the outdoors. Steel reinforced beams allow physics students to measure the trajectory of heavy objects as they swing. Oversized hallways called “commons” are extensions of the classrooms themselves. Everywhere glass walls create an atmosphere of openness and transparency.

Just to the north, a grassy hill has been left open for students to gather and relax. Across the landscape, a large door connects the indoor Maker Space to the outdoor Maker Yard, giving student-engineers ample room to assemble their creations and store oversized materials.

The open and airy design is the brainchild of Annum Architects. Shawmut Design and Construction is the builder.


Demolition March 7, 2023
Site Work March 28, 2023
Foundation May 2, 2023
Structural Steel September 1, 2023
Weathertight November 16, 2023
Completion August 27, 2024