Complete your forms and make your tuition payment.

The on-boarding process at Pomfret is broken into two basic steps: enrollment and registration. If you still need to enroll, please visit the Pomfret School Enrollment Portal to sign your contract and make a deposit. Once you are enrolled, you can begin the registration process below.


Step 1: MyPomfret Login

Technology Department |
Log in to your MyPomfret Account to complete steps 2 and 3. In addition to the registration forms, this account gives you access to your child's class schedule, attendance, and grades — among other useful resources. Please Note: This login is different than the one you used to enroll. If you are a parent visiting the MyPomfret login page for the first time, or run into difficulties logging in, click “Retrieve your Credentials” and follow the prompts.

Step 2: Health and Medical

Carol Raiford | Director of the Health Center |
Because we take your privacy seriously, we work with a company called Magnus Health, which collects and securely stores your student's medical information on our behalf. Please complete this form before August 1. To access your health and medical forms, please login to your MyPomfret Account, click the Resources tab, and then select the Magnus Health button.

Step 3: Student Life

Front Office |
In this section, you can update family information, review our Technology Acceptable Use Policy, and submit a Transportation Permission form. Changes to your family structure can be made by contacting the Front Office. These forms can be completed using your MyPomfret Account.

Step 4: Tuition and Fees

Marie Jean Therrien | Controller |
Pomfret offers several tuition payment options suitable for a range of family financial situations. For parents who are not enrolled in one of the Extended Tuition Payment Schedules, payment for Tuition 1 must be received in the Business Office by July 31. The due date for Tuition 2 is November 30. An initial minimum deposit of $750 for boarders or $350 for day students must be received by July 31 to activate your child’s PomfretCard account. Please note: you will not be billed for this initial PomfretCard deposit. To get started, visit Billing and Payments.

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