Pomfret Card

The easiest way to make purchases on campus.

The PomfretCard works just like a debit card. You make deposits into a secure account and your student uses those funds to make purchases at campus locales like the Tuck Shop and the School Store. The PomfretCard also serves as a campus key card, allowing your child to access his or her dorm or day room, and a photo ID, allowing him or her to release prints jobs and pick up packages.

The debit system is administered by MyKidsSpending, which specializes in helping parents better manage, control, and fund their child's daily campus transactions. Using their secure portal, you can create a new account or post funds to an existing account. Once your account is up and running, you can also make PomfretCard deposits via our tuition payment system. If you want funds to be posted instantly, please use MyKidsSpending. Please Note: The student ID numbers for your MyKidsSpending Account and your Tuition Account are the same.

To get started, Visit My Kids Spending.