Facilities Request

Submit a work order or schedule a campus event.

At Pomfret, we use two SchoolDude in two different ways — the Maintenance Direct module for maintenance requests (e.g. a plumbing issue) and FS Direct module for scheduling events (e.g. booking the Lodge for a meeting).

If you have been here for a while, you should already be in the system. If you are new to campus, please follow these registration directions:

    • Click on the Register / Login button below.
    • Click on Register Here.
    • Complete the form. It asks for the account number, which is 20056356, plus your name, phone number, e-mail address and password.
    • Then click Register.

Once that is done, it will bring you to the SchoolDude webpage. At the end of each request, it will ask for a submittal password. That password is griffin.

If you are unable to register or have any questions regarding maintenance work orders, please contact Jackie Mazzarella at x6187. If you need help with scheduling requests, please contact Becky Grassi at x6197.

A Few Reminders:

    • When you log in to SchoolDude, there are 4 tabs - Maint Request (Maintenance requests), Schedule Requests (FS Direct), My Requests (You can check the status of any requests) and Settings (You should not need to use this).
    • When putting in maintenance requests, please put one request per work order as work orders are assigned to various staff depending on skill set.
    • Remember to check your selected location - this needs to be changed depending on where the work is to be done.
    • For scheduling events, please choose "Normal Schedule."

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