Manage your payroll information

This page contains various forms you may need in order to get yourself set up in Pomfret's payroll system, or else to make changes. By printing and filling out these forms prior to meeting with Human Resources (HR), you can save time and get yourself set up faster. Contact HR with any questions and to submit the forms.

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Monthly Payroll: B7735
Biweekly Payroll: B4230


Federal and Connecticut Withholding Forms

These are used to set up your initial withholding preferences, or to make revisions due to family changes or if you simply want to change the amount of tax being withheld from your paycheck.

Payroll Schedule

Biweekly Employees: Payday is every other Friday for the two week period ending the prior Friday. The pay period begins on Saturday and ends on Friday. If payday falls on a holiday the payday will be the day prior to the holiday.

Monthly Employees: Payday is the fifteenth of every month. If the fifteenth is on a weekend or holiday payday will be on the business day prior to the fifteenth. The pay period runs from the first of the month to the last day of the month. Therefore, the employee is paid two weeks ahead.

All employees are required to have their wages direct deposited. There will be no direct deposit of the first paycheck and when the employee changes the financial institution in which their check is being deposited.

Payroll is submitted to our provider three days in advance of the payroll date to ensure that the funds will be direct deposited into employee accounts. Please keep this in mind when you want to make personal data or deduction changes.

Direct Deposit Forms

Fill out this form if you wish to have your paycheck deposited directly to your bank account.

Direct Deposit Form

Direct Deposits to Health Savings Account

Fill out this form if you participate in the Connecticare Flex POS High-Deductible health plan - the only plan which qualifies for a Health Savings Account - and wish to have a portion of each paycheck deposited directly into your Health Savings Account.

Health Savings Account Form

Time Sheet

Click on this link if you need to fill out a time sheet to report your hours worked. This Excel file automatically calculates your total hours if you fill in the appropriate boxes, so you can download this file and save it on your own computer to use it repeatedly.

Time Sheet (Excel Document)