Expense & Credit Card Processing

Our auditors have informed us that there is a risk that employees who do not properly substantiate their claims for payments or reimbursements from the school may incur tax penalties from the IRS. This is because if the employee does not adequately document the purpose(s) of the funds being received, the IRS could treat the payment as extra income. At the same time, Pomfret School could also be penalized for failing to withhold taxes from those payments.

Therefore, it is in the best interests of both the school and its employees that we add some structure to our reimbursement process. The policies and forms on this page are designed to do that.

Travel & Entertainment / Reimbursement Policy

This document provides detailed guidelines on the sorts of expenses that are reimbursable, and those that are not. It also summarizes the school’s policy – which is based on IRS requirements – for the documentation that must accompany any request for reimbursement or payment of credit card charges.

Student Entertainment Reimbursement Form

For several years, you have used standard forms when seeking reimbursement for dorm expenses or advisee expenses. We have combined those two forms into one:
Dorm & Advisee Expense Form

Purchases on School Credit Cards, and miscellaneous Out of Pocket Expenses

Note: Pomfret School has corporate accounts with various vendors, allowing us to purchase items at reduced cost. These vendors also have our tax-exempt status on file, saving another 6% (or more) off the purchase. Please contact the Business Office for information on taking advantage of this purchasing power.

For credit cards, we need your help in organizing the documentation (receipts) you submit. Specifically, receipts should be stapled to the reimbursement form, in the order in which they appear on the credit card statement. While this may be a hassle, please understand that it is important in helping us link your reimbursement claim to your actual expenses. Some companies have gotten into trouble for not having sufficient oversight of their money in areas like this.
Expense Report – School Credit Card

Out-of-pocket expenses might include office supplies, a book or lamp purchased for your classroom, an airport run, mileage reimbursement for use of your car for a school trip, etc...

Expense Report – Out of Pocket Costs

Professional Development

Due to the taxable nature of some professional development expenses, items in this category must be tracked in somewhat more detail than other expenses. Therefore, this form should be used for summer study, graduate study, conferences, travel grants, and other professional development.