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Everything you need to know about your benefits at Pomfret.

We offer a comprehensive salary and benefits package, including competitive health insurance options, paid maternal and paternal leave, a (very) generous retirement plan, health and wellness programs, learning and development opportunities, and regular employee celebrations — all of which allow you to connect, refresh, and thrive on the Hilltop.

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Even More Benefits

Tuition Remission

Dependent children of full time faculty and/or staff members who have completed two full years of employment at Pomfret School may be enrolled at Pomfret School as day students without charge for tuition. The child must gain admission to Pomfret School and meet the same criteria as all other candidates for admission. The decision is the sole responsibility of the Director of Enrollment Management and there is no appeal process for children who do not gain admittance. It is recommended, but not required, that the applicant apply to two other private schools. Doing so provides families and the student important information regarding private independent schools and will likely provide all with an overall better perspective of the match between Pomfret School and their child. The benefit is not transferable to other schools, does not provide coverage for any/all mandatory or discretionary fees, and is limited to four years per dependent child.

College Savings Plan

Saving for college is a major concern for most families. With the rising cost of tuition, it’s more important than ever that you have access to smart financial options that help pay for the cost of higher education.

That’s why we’re proud to offer the Connecticut Higher Education Trust (CHET), Connecticut’s official 529 higher education savings plan with state tax advantages available only to Connecticut residents. CHET makes life easier for families looking to save for college, through:

Tax Advantages. In addition to state tax benefits, any earnings can grow deferred from federal income tax, which can really help your savings add up. Withdrawals are also free from federal tax when used for qualified higher education expenses.

Low Minimums. Start saving with as little as $25. And make additional contributions of $25 or more whenever you like.

Flexibility. Qualified expenses include not just tuition but certain room and board costs, computers and related technology expenses, books, fees, and equipment. Plus, funds can be used at any accredited university, college or vocational school nationwide — and many abroad.

Technology Loan Program

All employees may take advantage of the School’s loan program for technology items with an interest-free loan to a maximum of $2000, to be repaid through payroll deductions within the next 12 months. An employee may only have one outstanding loan at a time. To utilize the loan program, employees should make their purchase and provide the Accounts Payable department with the receipt. Apple offers a direct sale discount if purchase is made through their Education Store. www.apple.com/us-hed/shop Dell has a member purchase program. www.dell.com/dellu/dell4education Employees may also show their Pomfret School ID card at local Apple stores to take advantage of the free Microsoft Office packages.

Fitness Center

The School offers, at no charge, the utilization of the Fitness Center which is located inside the Corzine Athletic Center.

Tennis Courts

The School offers to all employees the utilization of both the indoor and outdoor tennis courts at no charge. Preference is given to student athletes and tennis club members. Contact X6134 for availability.

Golf Membership

All employees may purchase a membership at Vineyard Valley at the School’s deeply discounted corporate rate.


The School has contracted with the Hale YMCA in Putnam to offer our employees a 10% membership discount. The YMCA membership can be used at any YMCA in New England; Southbridge being an exception. The Southbridge YMCA may be used with your membership up to three times per month, additional visits will be $10.

Discounted Rates for Rental Cars

All Pomfret School employees are eligible to take advantage of the school's corporate discount with Enterprise Rent-A-Car when traveling on school business AND ALSO FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL USE.
Enterprise is one of the lower-cost rental companies out there, and this new discount gives us an even lower rate: 5% off Internet rates if you rent off-airport - such as at their Putnam branch - and 10% off their airport rates. And as mentioned above, you can take advantage of these rates when traveling on vacation, not just for work-related trips. Please note that Pomfret's insurance does NOT cover you on a leisure rental, so you either need to buy Enterprise's insurance coverage or rely on your own auto insurance.

To receive your special rates, go to www.enterprise.com, and then enter our Business Account ID number (48K1565) in the box on the "Create a Reservation" screen. On the next page you will be prompted to enter the first three letters of your company name as a security measure; type in Pom here. The discount will automatically be applied to the daily rate.

Workers Compensation Insurance

all employees
Workers compensation is provided for all employees who incur job related illnesses and injuries while engaged in work activities.

Auto and Home Insurance Discounts

As an employee of Pomfret School, you are eligible for discounts on your auto, home, renters, and condo insurance through Liberty Mutual Insurance. The discounts are 10% off an auto policy and 5% off of any property policies. These discounts apply to any vehicles or properties insured out of state as well. Liberty Mutual also offer a “Teacher Endorsement”, which waives the deducible normally applicable for losses on school property or school-related events. Contact Marissa Ross at (860) 659-4111 ext. 50288 or marissa.ross@libertymutual.com.

Insurance Details

School Store

The Pomfret School store is located on campus in the Olmsted Student Union building. Store charges can be applied directly to your incidental account or paid by cash or personal credit card. All employees receive a 15% discount on purchases of gifts and apparel.


Apple, Inc. Educator’s Discount

Pomfret School offers you the opportunity to purchase a computer through Apple, Inc. and receive an educator’s discount. This discount is applicable for computers only. Accessories and entertainment purchases such as IPads, IPhones or IPods are NOT eligible for the discount. Discounts vary based on the type of computer you choose to purchase.

If you should decide to utilize this opportunity you may choose to purchase the computer in one of two ways. One option is to visit https://www.apple.com/us-hed/shop and use your personal credit card (you must ship the computer to the school’s address if you choose this option). The second option is to create a monthly payment plan, deducted from your paycheck, to cover the cost of the computer. The following steps outline the process you will need to go through:

  1. Contact IT to get an estimated cost of the computer you would like to order.
  2. Contact HR to work out a contract and determine if the estimated loan is feasible.
  3. Have the contract approved by the Business Office.
  4. Obtain a purchase order from the Business Office.
  5. Present the Purchase Order to IT who will order your computer.
  6. HR will contact you to sign the contract, add tax and finalize the deductions.
  7. When the invoice comes in Pomfret School will pay for the computer on your behalf.
Please note: Although the school will not be charged tax -You will be responsible for paying the taxes associated with the purchase.

Travel Assist

full time employees

The Travel Assist program from Lincoln Financial Group is available to all employees who are eligible for the school’s life insurance coverage. There is no cost to you for this service, which includes assistance with medical emergencies while you are traveling, pre-departure information, and other services. Click here for the employee guide.

Identity Theft Protection

full time employees

Sun Life Financial also offers an identity theft protection program, which includes assistance and expert support in the event you become a victim, as well as a monitoring service to help protect you from being victimized.
Travel Advisor and Identity Theft Protection

Time Off

full time employees
Refer to your Employee Handbook for details.


all employees

Meals are provided free of charge during work hours on days when the Dining Hall food service is in operation.