Professional Development @ Pomfret

Never stop growing.

Central to the culture of teaching and learning at Pomfret is the belief that we are all works-in-progress. If you agree, we invite and encourage you to check out the three professional development opportunities we are hosting this summer. Whether you are launching a new makerspace, taking the reins as a department head, or looking for a deep-dive into mastery learning, we have a program for you.

Please Note: You don't have to be a Pomfret teacher to participate in one of these programs. They are open to any educator or administrator who wants to learn and grow in the company of likeminded peers.

Fab Foundry

Fab Foundry brings together school administrators and teachers of all disciplines to explore how makerspace technology improves the educational experience and drives 21st century learning outcomes.

New Zealand

New Zealand radically transformed its crediting and reporting systems fifteen years ago, and there’s much to learn about their successes, challenges, and processes of change.

Departmental Leadership

Effective departmental leadership is the key to implementing any curricular change initiative, yet many department chairs have little or no formal leadership training.

Life Happens

Registration and Cancellation Policy: Full payment is due at the time of registration. For Fab Foundry and the Departmental Leadership Institute, Pomfret will refund 50 percent of the total when you cancel before May 15. For the Mastery Learning Study Tour in New Zealand, you must cancel by July 1 to receive the 50 percent refund. We will not grant any refund, in any amount, after the deadline. Airfare is not included in our pricing. We strongly recommend travel insurance.