The Ultimate Addition

The Ultimate Addition

Pomfret adds ultimate frisbee to its roster of afternoon activities.

The fastest-growing sport in the world has flown its way onto the Hilltop. Combining elements of basketball, soccer, and football, ultimate — sometimes called ultimate frisbee — is a new co-ed varsity afternoon activity option for Griffins to try.

Tyler Bousquet '25 catches the disk during a drill. 

The game involves a frisbee called a disk, in which seven team members playing both offense and defense must move down the field into their opponent's end zone to score a point. When a player has caught the disk, they must stop running and make a pass to their teammate before continuing down the field. If the disk is dropped, goes out of bounds, or is intercepted, the other team receives possession. It is a non-contact, self-referred sport that encourages teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play. 

While ultimate is new to Pomfret, it is not new to New England prep schools. The New England Prep School Ultimate League (NEPSUL) was founded in 2001. The Griffin team will play against JV teams in the NEPSUL, including Choate Rosemary Hall and Williston Northampton, as well as some public school teams in the Connecticut High School Ultimate League (CTUL). With a dozen games on the team's schedule, they have their eye on the CTUL Division II tournament in May. 

Anson D'Alleva-Bochain '26 makes a great pass.

To succeed this season, the team must be quick on its feet and learn to pass and catch on the fly. The team has some experienced players in HQ Deng '27, Lucas Canavan '24, and Alex Feng '27, and some great young potential, with freshman and sophomores making up most of the team, including Lily Izquierdo '27, James Lake ’27, Luke Ryan ’27, and Anson D'Alleva-Bochain '26. The season's focus, as determined by Coach Dylan-Ernst Schäfer, is scoring points and learning as they play. Technique and defensive skills will come with practice. 

"For the team to have a successful first season, they must be willing to have fun and learn," says Schäfer. "Good sportsmanship and teamwork is what the game of ultimate is all about."

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