The Next Generation of Leaders

The Next Generation of Leaders

Pomfret establishes a new leadership academy.

Pomfret is a student-centered school. Students’ voices are heard, and they have numerous opportunities to be leaders. From QUEST and dorm life to School Meetings and campus tours, there are many formal and informal leadership opportunities in all corners of the Hilltop. To ensure the success of our student leaders, a new leadership academy has been developed and will be implemented for leadership positions in the 2024-2025 academic year.

QUEST leaders lead a session under the Community pillar.

Under the new format, students apply for leadership opportunities using one application — similar to the Common App used by colleges worldwide. The application process allows students to thoughtfully consider the roles for which they apply and what they can contribute to the position.

After the students learn which leadership roles they have been selected for, they will participate in a Leadership Academy. Training begins in the spring term and continues throughout the summer months. A leadership lecture and small group series will be held twice each month during the school year. 

An additional component of the new leadership academy is the establishment of credits assigned to each leadership position. Credits are not assigned based on the value of the leadership position but rather on the time commitment needed to lead the role effectively. Students can hold up to six leadership credits per year, similar to the limit of the number of classes they can take. The credit system helps students balance their responsibilities and be mindful of their wellbeing. It also creates leaders who are focused and dedicated to their positions.

“We want students to take on these leadership roles because they are passionate about them, recognize their value, and can offer perspective to the wider community,” says Dean of Students Charlotte McMahon. “The level of commitment for all leadership roles is changing for next year, so what has previously been 'manageable' in the past may not be the case for next year.”

Some students were concerned that limiting the number of leadership opportunities may negatively impact their college applications. To address this, language surrounding this change will be included in the School Profile, which will be submitted with each student’s application. Other students were encouraged by this change and the opportunity to grow and develop their leadership skills.

The Key Heads outside of Robinson House. Photo by Henry Spence ’24.

Additional positions a student can hold outside of the leadership credit system include athletic team captains and club leaders. These roles are important to Student Life at Pomfret, but the school schedule has dedicated time for students to serve in them. The opportunities included in the credit system require additional training, and the positions’ responsibilities are often outside of the daily schedule.

“This leadership academy is in alignment with some of our peer schools, offers balance, and allows a diverse range of students to apply for leadership positions at Pomfret,” says McMahon. 

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