The More Everyone Gets

The More Everyone Gets

MLK Jr. Day programming inspires students to fight for justice. 

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we explored ways to continue the activism and advocacy for civil and human rights that Dr. King was known for. Akailah Jenkins McIntyre and Kalea Selmo from the Wells Collective, LLC and LGBT+ advocates Jay Potter and Damián Lima guided discussions on how our students can make an impact on the future of a just society. 

The Wells Collective shared a visual representation of important concepts.

Students learned about inequality, equality, equity, and justice. They discussed how improving the environment so everyone can flourish would not negatively impact those who previously experienced advantages in life. “Privilege and human rights are not a pie. It's not that the more we get, the less you get. It's the more everyone gets, the more everyone gets,” explained Potter. Selmo emphasized that no one will lose if we create a more inclusive society. “It is not just a zero-sum game. If we fix the system, somebody is not going to lose,” she said. “Everybody will be golden.”

To inspire our students to be change agents, Jenkins McIntyre and Selmo spoke of the events of the Children’s Crusades and how high-school-aged students made a difference in the Civil Rights Movement. They shared examples of modern-day youth social justice heroes such as Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafza, and even Cardi B and challenged the audience to explore ways they hold the power to make a change.

Potter and Lima, both transgender men, spoke about the Pomfret Experience and the effect they believe our students will have on the future of society. “You have the ability to be a change maker. This country is going to look to the students in this room to stand up and make a difference,” imparted Potter. “When you leave Pomfret, take the energy we have created today and be a mover and shaker. Take what you have gained today into your career and use that power for good to help the people around you.”

Rectory students help pull items for the Pomfret Power Packs.

Students in the Topics in Food Insecurity class spent a portion of the holiday continuing their work providing food to those in need in the Pomfret community. They partnered with Rectory School’s MLK Day Community Outreach Program and gave them a tour of the Pomfret Power Pack Food Pantry. Later, they provided educational programming on healthy food to which everyone should have access — inspiring the next generation of young people to do their part in ensuring everyone has something to eat.

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