Stand Up For Pomfret

Help make the comeback bigger than the setback.


Earlier this spring, the coronavirus knocked us down, but it did not knock us out. In the midst of all the uncertainty and fear, we looked to each other, and to the enduring spirit of this remarkable school, to gather strength in the face of adversity — and to rise above it.

At Pomfret we have embraced the new rhythms of distance learning, and while our students and faculty members long for a time when we can all be physically together again, we appreciate the opportunities that have come out of this situation. The chance to build deeper relationships, the time to evaluate and enhance our programs, and the benefits of deeply listening and responding to those around us.

As we continue to navigate our response to the coronavirus pandemic, your philanthropic support is needed now more than ever.


Join us on Tuesday, May 19 for our

biggest fundraiser of the year.


In the midst of this adversity, Pomfret has made a commitment to our faculty and our students. Your contribution, combined with those from Griffins all over the world, will directly support the people, programs, and places that continue to make Pomfret one of the best small schools in the country. Your investment will also guarantee that our best years are still ahead of us.

"The world needs Pomfret graduates now more than ever," says Justin Klein ’65, who chairs the board at Pomfret. "We still have a long way to go before this fight is over, but there is no doubt in my mind that we will emerge better and stronger for having faced it, together." 

On Tuesday, May 19, please join us in making a gift to support Pomfret. Help make the comeback bigger than the setback. Stand up for Pomfret.


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