Springing into Composting

Springing into Composting

Pomfret starts a new composting program.

Pomfret has focused on sustainability for many years. Project: Pomfret groups have explored sustainable maple sugaring and permaculture gardening. It is the subject of multiple courses, including one with an experiential learning trip to Costa Rica. It is part of the strategic plan. Green Griffins, a student club, is dedicated to making the Hilltop more sustainable. It is also one of the certificate program domains. All of these efforts have helped make the School a little greener. And now, Pomfret has taken the next step in reducing its environmental impact.

FLIK has started composting food scraps in the Dining Hall's kitchen.

In partnership with Blue Earth Compost, Pomfret will reduce the food waste generated in the Dining Hall by composting all food scraps created during meal preparation. The School's dining service provider, FLIK Independent School Dining, will collect and dispose of the food waste in composting bins. Blue Earth Compost will empty the bins weekly and bring the food waste to Quantum Biopower. The scraps will be converted into clean, renewable energy at this licensed composting and anaerobic digestion facility.

"Blue Earth Compost is happy to be working with Pomfret School to help divert food scraps from landfills," said Blue Earth Compost CFO and Director of Business Development Sam King. Blue Earth Compost is Connecticut's leading food scrap collection service for residents, municipalities, and businesses. They work with many independent schools in Connecticut and were a guest speaker at a Green Griffins meeting in the fall. "Schools are essential to us. We are encouraged by the students' passion for sustainability and are honored to help see the tangible effects of their advocacy for composting and waste reduction."

"The partnership with Blue Earth Compost is a great step in helping Pomfret reduce the amount of food waste that ends up in landfills," says Director of Sustainability Annie O'Sullivan. She is the advisor of Green Griffins and has helped many students pursue a sustainability certificate with their exploration. 

Maya Gerum ’23 presents her composting project to alumni during Reunion Weekend.

While this partnership with Blue Earth Compost is new, some Pomfret faculty have been composting food scraps in their homes. The number of families composting increased last year after Maya Gerum '23 helped secure a grant to provide compost tumblers to faculty houses around campus. Her efforts were part of her sustainability certificate project, which focused on helping faculty, their families, and their advisory groups learn how to compost to reduce waste and methane emissions. 

The composting partnership with Blue Earth Compost in the Dining Hall kitchen is the first food waste project that the School will focus on this spring. Many Global and Sustainable Development students expressed interest in further exploring food waste after their return from the Project: Pomfret trip in Costa Rica. We can't wait to see what solutions they create.

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