Not Your Parents' Sex Ed

Pomfret adds a new health and wellness program to its co-curricular offerings.

This week, Pomfret kicked off a new program designed to educate and empower students to make informed decisions regarding healthy and mature relationships. Drawing on experienced sources related to teen sexuality — including One Love, Scarleteen, and Planned Parenthood — the four-part series will address questions our students have about healthy relationships, sexual health and consent, and general human anatomy. 

“Our students are surrounded by sexuality, online and in television shows and movies, whether they’re looking for it or not,” says Art Department Head Lindsay Lehmann, who co-leads the sexual health and wellness program this year. “We hope the program will answer their questions, so they have confidence and understanding to communicate their wants and needs.”

The first session was used to gather anonymous data and questions — similar to research conducted and information gathered by students during Project: Pomfret in March. Future sessions will focus on consent, relationships, sexually transmitted diseases and infections, birth control and protection, safety, and human anatomy. Students will learn how to communicate about relationships and respect their partners. The program will also educate them about human bodies and how they work. The goal of the conversations is to prepare them so that if and when they engage with a partner, they are safe — both physically and emotionally. 

“We hope the discussions on thoughts and feelings, gender, relationships, values and beliefs, and the human body will reach all students — regardless of their gender and sexual preference,” shares Science Teacher and Sexual Health and Wellness Co-Leaders Amy VanHoesen. “If we want our students to have healthy relationships and respect one another, they have to understand how to communicate their wants and needs. They need to ask questions of their partner to make the relationship safe.” 

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