Indomitable Spirit

Indomitable Spirit

This week the Hilltop was abuzz with school pride.

The roar of the crowd was fierce. The spirit indomitable. You could feel the energy in Hard Auditorium as the plans for the third annual Battle for Route 44 were unveiled earlier this week. The Pomfret Griffins vs. the Millbrook Mustangs, two schools on opposite sides of the same road, connecting the western town of Millbrook, NY, with the eastern town of Pomfret, CT.

Director of Athletics and Afternoon Programs Mo Gaitán kicked things off with a review of the weekend's game plan, which included two pump-up videos built, in part, around photography taken by Sasha Green ’24. One of the videos was created by Henry Spence ’24 and was a follow-up to a different video he released several days earlier.

Next up were Spirit Leaders — flag bearers, mascots, escorts, drummers, and trophy guards. Their role for the weekend is to keep the crowds roaring during the Pep Rally on Friday night, and to lead fans from game to game on Saturday.


A scene from School Meeting on Tuesday, November 7, 2023.

The highlight of the morning was a surprisingly competitive game of musical chairs, sponsored by The Pomfret Athletic Council. One of the competitors, Boys Varsity Soccer Assistant Coach Dr. Pablo Montoro Alonso, was so excited that he triumphantly raised his chair after each winning round. His display of jubilation was reminiscent of when Head of School Tim Richards hoisted the Peck-Pulling Trophy up over his head following each of Pomfret's last two rivalry wins, foreshadowing what is to come — a three-peat.

 Students dressed like faculty and faculty dressed like students.

The Battle for Route 44 kick off was just one of several events that marked this year's Spirit Week. Each day, students and faculty donned different themed outfits. It was a sleepy start to the week, with pajama day on Monday. But by Tuesday the community had kicked it into high gear, wearing their favorite sports jerseys. Everyone was doing a double take on Wednesday when students dressed as faculty and faculty dressed as students. On Thursday, students dressed like soccer moms and grill dads. And by Friday, the whole Hilltop was awash in red and black, stretching as far as the eye could see.

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