Imagination Is Our Superpower

Imagination Is Our Superpower

Pomfret School Theater presents She Kills Monsters.

In its fall production of Qui Nguyen’s She Kills Monsters, Pomfret School Theater doves into the mystical and imaginative world of Dungeons and Dragons. In between witty quips and 90s pop culture references, the drama-comedy explored sorrow, loss, and acceptance while battling imaginary and psychological monsters.  

The play features an average English teacher named Agnes (Rhys Price ’24) who recently lost her geeky, high-school-aged sister Tilly (Kylie Corrigan ’25) in a car crash. While cleaning up Tilly’s room, Agnes comes across a notebook with a D&D game that Tilly created. With the help of a Dungeon Master named Chuck (Lucas Lu ’26) and her sister’s friends — a demon queen (Jesse Hudgens ’24) and dark elf (Carolina Volker ’24) — Agnes goes on a quest to save her sister’s soul. They come face-to-face with a demon overlord (Lars Han ’27), ​​a homicidal fairy (Jenna Vertefeuille ’26), and bloodthirsty cheerleaders (Rowan Bharwani ’24 and Jenny Huang ’27). Bouncing between the realms of reality and imagination, Agnes quickly discovers that she didn’t know much about Tilly’s life, including who she loved and the bullying she experienced at school.

At its core, the show is about human connection and taking the time to get to know the people around you. Lucas’ character, Chuck, is essential in helping Agnes’ quest to learn about her sister’s life. “After seeing the show, I hope the audience makes more of an effort to learn about the people around them and spend more time with their family,” says Lucas. “While your interests may differ, you don’t want to learn about them after they are gone.”

The cast and crew did an outstanding job bringing Nguyen’s fantastical world to life. Through the use of dramatic costumes, elaborate scenery, and special effects, the production evoked a sense of wonder as it invited the audience to engage their own imaginations and embrace the show’s underlying message. "Our imagination is our superpower,” said Theater Director Chip Lamb. “Whether you are active in the arts or not, you use your imagination every day. It is what makes us the most human.”

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