I See Stars

I See Stars

Pomfret School Theater Presents Mean Girls.

When Theater Director Chip Lamb announced to the Pomfret School Theater group that the high school version of Mean Girls musical was going to be the winter production, there was a range of chatter — or gossip — throughout the theater. Rumors started to circulate last year that this iconic production was going to be the show selected. While some of the performers had never heard of the show or the 2004 movie it was based upon, others had listened to the soundtrack or seen the broadway version of the musical and were excited to bring it to the Hilltop.

Regardless of their prior knowledge of the show, the cast and crew got to work staging the production. With so many songs and moving set pieces, they have been rehearsing around the clock to bring the musical to life. They learned their lines, got fitted in their costumes, and practiced the lyrics and choreography of the many songs in the show. All their hard work resulted in outstanding performances of the two-act, coming-of-age musical comedy written by Tina Fey, with music by Jeff Richmond and lyrics by Nell Benjamin. “This show was a lot of fun but busier than many other shows,” says Maya Bullied ’23. “Everyone was moving at least one set piece or helping the stage managers in some way. There was very little downtown backstage to catch your breath. We were always doing something.”

“What these performers were able to accomplish is pretty remarkable,” says Lamb. “We're a small school. The theater group is only twenty students. They were able to put on this two-plus hour musical. That's a significant accomplishment.”

Maya and Nathan Kikonyogo ’25 played Janice and Damien, serving as both characters and narrators of the story. They introduce the new girl Cady, played by Kylie Corrigan ’25, and the audience to the ins and outs of North Shore High School — including the popular clique known as the Plastics. Led by Queen Bee Regina George, played by Rhys Price ’24, and her minions Gretchen Wieners, played by Sofia Liu ’24, and Karen Smith, played by Miranda Hausman ’23, the Plastics invite Cady to sit with them during lunch. She immediately learns there are a lot of rules to follow if she wants to be a part of their group. Janice and Damien tell Cady she has to become a member of the Plastics and help them bring down the clique. By the end of Act One, through lies and tricks, Cady dethrones Regina. 

In Act Two, the pressures of living a double life and staying the leader of the Plastics blow up in Cady’s face when Regina’s revenge act hurts Cady and the entire school community. The incident has Cady realizing she does not like the person she has become. The final musical number, “I See Stars," is a declaration of Cady’s self-discovery, as well as an apology and reminder to her classmates that everyone is a star in their own unique way.

The entire cast performs in the final number, "I See Stars."

“My favorite part of the show is the finale,” shares Kylie, who plays Cady. “The song and the show have a great message for the audience that reminds them to be themselves. I think a lot of people have a similar story to Cady — about being new and wanting to fit in — and hopefully, that will resonate with people.”

Nathan, who plays Damien, agrees. “Everyone wants to fit in and find their group of people. The final song reminds us that we're all stars. We're all equal. We're all great. It's really relatable.”

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