Concerto at Carnegie

Concerto at Carnegie

Hannah Park ’24 performs at Carnegie Hall. 

When flutist Hannah Park ’24 stepped onto the stage of Carnegie Hall, she was wracked with nerves. It was an unusual feeling for her. Since 2021, she’d placed in the top three in nine international and national competitions and never felt as nervous as she did in the prestigious New York City concert venue.  

“I was so nervous that I was trembling,” says Hannah. But a minute into her performance of A. Mozart’s “Concerto No.1 in G Major,” she began to relax. She spotted her parents and her roommate, Lexi Schwartz ’24, in the audience. As she continued to play, she felt more comfortable and began making eye contact with the people who came to hear her play. By the end of the song, Hannah was proud of her accomplishment. She took in every second, holding on to the moment and experience.

Hannah Park ’24 outside Carnegie Hall. 

Hannah’s performed at Carnegie Hall as a part of the American Protégé Winners Recital following her second-place win in the Fall 2021 American Protégé International Music Talent Competition. Additional recitals will be held this summer to honor her first-place placement in the 2022 American Protégé competition. She will get another chance to perform Mozart’s difficult piece, which has a lot of unique notes and techniques that showcase the skills of the performer. “I know I can improve on some components for my next performance this summer, but I am pretty proud of myself,” says Hannah. 

Before her encore performance in New York City this summer, Hannah hopes to play for small venues — like non-profits, hospitals, and schools. She wants to use her talents to spread wellness, particularly with school-age children. Hannah believes telling her story about performing at Carnegie Hall, and other prestigious venues in Korea, will have a positive impact. “There have been many times when learning new notes or a difficult piece when I was stressed and wanted to quit,” says Hannah, “but I want young people to know that music can bring you joy. Life is full of challenges. If you can overcome them, you can have great moments like I had on stage at Carnegie Hall.”


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