Better than Ever

Everything you need to know about the start of school.


This summer, we have been working hard to develop a back-to-school plan that balances our desire for a return to normalcy with the need to protect our students against the reduced but ever-present threat of Covid-19 in our world. 

In Better than Ever, you will find detailed information about arrival and onboarding, vaccines, masking, Covid-19 testing, campus visitation, student leaves, and much more. These policies and protocols are based on guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the State of Connecticut, and our own medical director. 

Better Than Ever

The approach we have developed will allow us to operate safely while also delivering the full Pomfret Experience, which will once again include in-person classes, at full capacity, guided by a normal academic schedule, and rounded out by a robust menu of extracurricular activities, including interscholastic sports.
Please keep in mind that this plan can (and likely will) change to reflect the evolving landscape of Covid-19. Of particular concern right now is the rising tide of Delta variant infections sweeping the world. While still rare, we now know that breakthrough infection among vaccinated individuals is possible, and that vaccinated people can and are transmitting the disease to both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, though unvaccinated individuals still represent the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths in this country. 

We cannot ignore the Delta variant, or what it means for public health, but we can manage it. Through high rates of vaccination and the adoption of proven Covid-19 mitigation strategies, we believe our school can operate safely this year, while still providing the high quality, well-rounded experience you have come to know and expect from Pomfret.

On Friday, August 20, we plan to release additional information specific to the arrival and onboarding experience. This communication will also include additional policy updates, as necessary.


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