Jahn Rink Renovation

The $3.8 million upgrade will extend the ice season by several months.


Pomfret School and The Woodstock Academy have partnered to make significant mechanical improvements to Jahn Rink at Pomfret School. The total estimated cost of the renovation is $3.8 million. Funding for WA’s portion of the project has been secured through generous private donation.

“We are thrilled to be working with Woodstock Academy on this project,” said Ed Griffin, the chief financial officer at Pomfret. “Our interests very much align with WA’s goals, and so it makes sense to partner with them financially. It is a win-win-win: for Pomfret, for WA, and for the local community.” 

The most significant upgrade to the sixteen-year-old hockey arena is a new state-of-the-art chiller, which will extend the season for both schools by several months. Historically, the rink was open from the first weekend in November through the first weekend in March. With the new mechanicals in place, the rink will open on September 1 and close on March 31. 

Through the partnership, WA will get first priority on ice time (after Pomfret). “This partnership will strengthen our existing hockey programs and continue to build a strong foundation for the future,” said Jonathan Sturdevant, associate head of school for advancement at The Woodstock Academy. The longer ice season will also benefit community partners like Griffin Youth Hockey and Rectory School.

In addition to the new chiller, the internal and external wall coverings of the rink will be replaced and a new wall will be erected on the east side of the rink, separating the Doug Woodruff ’77 Lobby from the rest of the arena.

Pomfret opened its first covered rink, Brown Rink, in 1963. In 2005, Brown Rink underwent a major renovation and was renamed Jahn Rink after Helmut Jahn P ’97, the renowned Chicago-based architect who helped design it. Though technically a renovation, the old Brown Rink was totally dismantled. As one observer wryly noted, “The only thing left was the ice.”

Construction on the new renovation will begin in March and end in August.

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