Laugh Lines

The fall play had audience members in stitches.


The nervous energy and excitement could be felt throughout Centennial Auditorium as Pomfret’s thespians took the stage for the production of the fall play — Laugh Lines. In the three one-act comedies, the students held their own on the newly constructed stage and had audiences laughing in their seats.

The first act performed was “Miss You” by David Auburn. Through the use of call waiting, the telephone play portrayed two couples involved in two intertwining love triangles. The actors wonderfully portrayed the imbalance of feelings and juggling of two relationships in the satire.

“The Spot” by Steven Dietz was the second short play performed and had a political focus. A clueless director, a ruthless campaign advisor, and an actress with too much heart attempt to film a television endorsement for a prominent political candidate. The performance brought humor to the common reliance of polling numbers on every decision made during the election season.   

The final act, “Check, Please” by Jonathan Rand, featured nearly every member of the thirteen student-production. In the same restaurant, tables away from each other, a guy and a girl go on a series of horrible blind dates. They are set up with a range of wild characters, including a grandmother, a child, a mime, an overzealous sports fanatic, a terrible listener, and a kleptomaniac.

“The students have worked hard,” said Theater Director Chip Lamb. “These plays were funny and challenging and suited the kids well.

Laugh Lines is an anthology, edited by Eric Lane. featuring thirty-six hilarious short plays by major American playwrights.  

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