AAEC President sets the Council's priorities for the coming years.


When I reflect on my experience as a Pomfret School alumna, the resounding definition is community. To me, this community takes the form of dear friends from my graduating class through each person I’ve met on the Alumni Association Executive Council (AAEC). It’s the Atlanta-based alumni, who came together for the first time a few years ago. It’s the phenomenal mentors from the classes of 1964 and 1965, who I rely on for honest feedback and endless encouragement. It’s the teachers, like Mr. Martin, who never forget a student. And it's each inter-generational lunch I’ve attended, where Pomfret experiences are compared and contrasted and delight transpires from the breadth of similarities across those experiences.

As I begin my tenure as the Pomfret AAEC president, my goal is to cultivate that same sense of community for each Pomfret alum. The AAEC is currently comprised of thirty-two Pomfret graduates from the Classes of 2013 through 1965 who live in cities throughout the United States and across the globe. The mission of this group is to represent the Pomfret alumni community, foster closer relationships within that community, and advance the interests of Pomfret. 

To effectively achieve this mission, we have established a series of priorities for the coming years. Principally, the AAEC is endeavoring to build the foundations of a thriving, inclusive, and accessible alumni community, where all Pomfret graduates feel connected to each other, are engaged with Pomfret, and have opportunities to invest in initiatives they are passionate about. Our current activities revolve around three initiatives: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI); Events and Programming; and Engagement and Outreach. The DEI initiative, led by AAEC Co-Vice President Toyin Moses ’98, is focused on advancing DEI initiatives across the Pomfret alumni community and ensuring that all actions of the AAEC are being considered through the lens of inclusion. Alumni-focused and sponsored events are centralized and executed through the Events and Programming initiative, led by AAEC Co-Vice President Etienne Vazquez ’04. Lastly, the main objective of the Engagement and Outreach initiative, led by AAEC Co-Vice President Jim Seymour ’65, is to build relationships within our community and meet each graduate where they are along their lifecycle as an alum. 

I am continually inspired by the members of the Pomfret alumni community. As the Covid pandemic shook each of us, this community came together for the most successful Day of Giving to date, raising $674,000 for the Pomfret Fund. This community shared job postings, made network connections, and offered resume review and interview preparation support to fellow alumni experiencing professional transitions. These examples are not anecdotal — the eagerness and willingness of this community to support each other and our alma mater is boundless. 

I am incredibly excited to get to know each of you and for everything we will accomplish together!

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