Streptococcus Pyogenes

In case you were wondering, it's the Gram-positive, aerotolerant pathogen that causes diseases like strep throat and scarlet fever. 


Of course, students in Mary Screen's biology class already knew that. They've been studying bacteria all winter. "I try to keep my class relevant and teach my kids about things they would be learning if they were to pick up a newspaper," said Screen. 

Check out this Flipgrid presentation by Fred Coulibaly ’22. 

The class kicked off the term by looking at the nature and structure of cells, before turning their attention to bacterial cells. Soon, they were researching different species of bacteria, and by the end of the term, each student had created a model of their chosen bacteria, using items found around the house.

"I was really impressed with the creativity the kids used when making their models. They were all really unique and the final product showed how engaged they were in the process," said Screen.

Now that they have presented their bacteria models, they have begun looking at the structure and unique characteristics of — you guessed it — viruses!


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