The du Pont Library

A learning commons for the 21st century.

In a light and airy setting, the Henry B. du Pont ’16 Library inspires our students to construct knowledge and create meaning from the resources around them. The conspicuous absence of walls, the cafe-style seating, the quiet study nooks, the collaborative work areas — they all encourage our students to interact with the content, technology, and space in new and novel ways, creating a kind of modern learning hub that blurs the line between physical and digital. In this sense, a busy day here can feel more like a Genius Bar or Starbucks than a library.


The printed collection at the du Pont Library consists of over twenty thousand volumes. We also have a large number of e-books and magazine subscriptions, as well as a sizable film collection. Our interlibrary loan program connects du Pont library patrons with library resources from across the country. And when it comes to research, we subscribe to a diverse selection of online journals and databases. In addition, the library supports laptops and mobile devices with easy cloud-based printing, lightning-fast wireless, and convenient charging stations.

The du Pont Library is also home to the Collaborative Learning Center, a digital arts lab, and the school archives.

Elizabeth Jacquet

Elizabeth Jacquet

Director of Library Services, Latin Teacher