Pomfret Pledge

We all have a duty to act in a manner that keeps each other safe.

By signing this pledge, you acknowledge that you and your family have read and agree to abide by the protocols and expectations of Pomfret School. Pomfret’s core values — Integrity, Community, and Growth — establish the framework for our expectations and policies.  During this time of uncertainty, we will ask community members to hold themselves and others to higher health and safety standards for the benefit of all.  This work will require adapting to some new norms while also understanding that we can grow as a community by caring for one another.

Please read the expectations below carefully in order to understand the commitment we are asking of all Pomfret community members.

  • I agree to follow the pre-entry guidelines provided by Pomfret School, which include a 10-day “quiet period” before re-entry points and a negative PCR COVID-19 test prior to arrival.
  • I agree to uphold the community standards and protect the health of the Pomfret community by: physically distancing myself from others by six feet, whenever possible; following the mask guidelines around campus; and adopting hand washing, cleaning, and hygienic standards as outlined in the Griffin Guide.
  • I agree to follow the capacity signage posted around campus for public spaces, including the bathrooms and lounges in the dormitories.
  • I agree to report my health symptoms and temperature on Boardingware each day prior to leaving the dorm (or, if a day student, prior to leaving home) honestly and accurately.
  • I understand and will comply with the visitor and travel policy set by Pomfret School. This includes prohibiting visitors and travel until at least October 1.
  • I agree to follow the quarantine and isolation guidelines outlined by Pomfret School. This includes having the ability to depart campus with a parent, guardian, or designated family representative within 24 hours of notification.
  • I agree to obtain a flu vaccination prior to January 8, 2021 either through the Health and Wellness Center or through my healthcare provider.
  • I understand that I will be required to obtain a Covid-19 vaccine, when it becomes available and endorsed by Pomfret School, and this will be a condition of in-person attendance and on-campus residency.

As a boarding community, Pomfret School requires the commitment of all of its members to maintain safe and healthy standards. Educating and coaching our community regarding positive health practices will be a top priority throughout the year. Practicing good citizenship is paramount as we navigate this health crisis. Pomfret School will take action when any member of the community is unwilling or unable to meet the requirements as outlined above or behaves in a manner that places the health of others at risk. Pomfret School reserves the right to disconnect from campus any non-compliant student and shift that student to distance learning.