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At Pomfret, one voice really does make a difference. Whether you are just starting out or nearly finished, we are thrilled you have chosen to join us for the 2018–2019 academic year.

Though we have done our very best to make your enrollment experience as seamless and straightforward as possible, it still requires effort. We suggest reviewing all the requirements well in advance of the deadlines to make sure you do not run out of time.

Please note: Some of the steps below require access to your MyPomfret (Sundial) account. If you are new to Pomfret, you will receive your login credentials via email in May.

Contract and Deposit » Due April 10

Sign your contract and make your deposit. To officially enroll in the 2018–2019 academic year, the first step is to sign your contract and make a non-refundable deposit. To do so, please visit the Pomfret Enrollment portal. Questions? Contact Judy Smith in Admissions.

Financial Authorization » Due April 17

Complete a financial authorization form. Once you have signed your contract and made your deposit, you have seven days to complete a financial authorization form. This form covers PomfretCard payments, tuition refund insurance, and student accident and health insurance. To complete this form, please log in to your My Pomfret (Sundial) account and select Enrollment on the Resource tab. Questions? Contact Debbie Favreau in the Business Office.

Academic » Due June 1 ***new students only***

Register for courses, complete placement applications and evaluations, and submit a final transcript release. Placement evaluations are one of several sources of information we use to help place you in the appropriate classes. These are not tests and you will not be formally graded, but please do your best. Answer as many questions as you can, but know there will probably be many you cannot answer. We simply want to see what you have retained from your learning so far.

In August, you and your child will have the opportunity to make adjustments to a draft course schedule, with the goal of having classes set by the time you arrive on campus in September. To complete this step, please log in to your My Pomfret (Sundial) account and select Enrollment on the Resource tab. Questions? Contact Don Gibbs in the Academic Office.

Course Registration Forms: Before completing your Course Registration Form, please take the time to review the 2018-2019 course offerings found on our website. At this time, you will be selecting both year-long courses and term electives for the entire school year.

Advanced Class Applications (Grades 10–12): Advanced Course Applications are required of new students who seek placement in Pomfret’s advanced courses. If you chose one or more advanced courses on your Course Selection Form, please complete the advanced course application appropriate for each course.

World Language Placement Evaluations (All Grades): Students studying a World Language must complete a language-specific placement evaluation. However, students with no prior experience in their language of choice do not need to take a placement evaluation.

Math Placement Evaluation (All Grades): All new students must complete the math placement evaluation.

Final Transcript Release: Please sign and deliver the Final Transcript Release Form to your current school. We need to receive your final transcript to verify completion of your last year of school and to credit you with any Pomfret diploma requirements you have already completed. You may not be able to begin the 2018-2019 school year at Pomfret if we do not have a final transcript from your previous school.

Health and Medical » July 15

Update your health records. Magnus Health collects and securely stores student medical information on our behalf. We ask that you update / confirm you child's information each year. To access your Magnus Health portal, please log in to your MyPomfret (Sundial) account and choose Magnus Health on the Resource tab. Questions? Contact Carol Raiford in the Health Center.

Tuition and Fees » Due July 31

Make the first of two tuition payments. Pomfret offers several tuition payment options suitable for a range of family financial situations. For parents not enrolled in one of the extended tuition payment schedules, charges for Tuition 1 and Fees will be billed on July 1 and payment is due by July 31. The document entitled Navigating Your Financial Requirements covers many topics of importance to parents. To make a payment, visit Billing & Payments. Should any questions arise, please contact Debbie Favreau in the Business Office.

Forms » Due August 15

Complete your forms. To complete the following forms, please log in to your My Pomfret (Sundial) account and select Enrollment on the Resource tab. Questions? Please contact the Technology Office.

MyPomfret Profile: Your parent profile, also referred to as your contact card, houses your school information and relationships. To update this information, select the menu located in the top right corner of your MyPomfret account window. Then choose Profile from the drop down menu. Questions? Please contact the Technology Office.

Driving Permissions: Parents / guardians may use this tool anytime during the year to electronically update transportation permissions. This form must be re-submitted at the beginning of each school year. Parents may also update permissions via phone at (860) 963-6100. Questions? Please contact Cindy Antos in the Front Office.

Technology Authorization: Please read and sign the Technology Acceptable Use Policy. Make sure to review these policies with your child. Questions? Please contact the Technology Office.

Parent Participation / Grandparents Info: Like most independent schools, Pomfret relies on parent volunteers to support special projects, as well as the day-to-day operations of the school. We value your participation and ask that you indicate the areas in which you would be most interested in sharing your time and talent. Questions? Please contact Deb Thurston in Advancement.

Public Information Authorization: Pomfret School publicly acknowledges the academic, athletic, artistic, and community accomplishments of its students. Typically this entails the release of the student’s name, likeness, age, hometown, parents' names, and/or similar information to local, regional, and national media. If you prefer we not release this information to the press, you can let us know using this form. Questions? Please contact Garry Dow in Communications.

Back to School

Once you finish the enrollment process, you can start looking forward to next year. Our Back to School page includes important information about the 2018-2019 academic year, including calendar dates, summer reading, and more.

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  • Sign your contract and make your deposit.
  • Complete a financial authorization form.
  • Complete a course registration form and placement evaluations. (new families only)
  • Submit final transcript release form. (new families only)
  • Make the first of two tuition payments.
  • Add / update medical information in your Magnus Health account.
  • Confirm your MyPomfret account information.
  • Sign a technology authorization.
  • Set up your transportation permissions.
  • Tell us about your volunteer interests.
  • Sign a public information authorization.