Sundial is the central hub of our distance learning instruction.

Sundial is where your class pages are updated each week. It's where you will find assignments, discussion boards, and class resources, including elements created in other platforms, such as instructional videos. Teachers will use the Sundial grade book to give students, parents, and advisors open access to our grading and the specific feedback we offer, and we will leverage official notes and performance comments to share growth and progress updates with students and advisees.

Students should check Sundial daily by 10:30 a.m. and a few times per day after that. It's likely that you'll be exposed to some previously unused features in Sundial, like topics and discussion boards. It's important to spend time in each class on the scheduled days so you don't miss any resources, assignments, or deadlines.

The TOPICS feature in Sundial allows teachers to create organized instructional units and house specific content (text resources, video elements, wayfinding instructions and overviews, etc.) in a central place. 

Digital Citizenship & Engagement Grading in Sundial

By Don Gibbs, Pomfret School

By Jennifer Carey of Ransom Everglades School