Loom is a free screen-casting software.

Loom allows you to record yourself with your computer's camera, capture your screen, or combine the two - all with audio. You can then download your video, embed it, post it to your Sundial page or an assignment, or share it via email. At Pomfret, Loom is our preferred method for recording tutorials and producing videos for students to consume. Loom recently made Loom Pro available to verified teachers. Please visit Loom Pro Free for Students and Teachers to sign-up for Loom, or return to this site to get your account verified for Pro features.

You might use Loom to:

  1. Offer a personal touch by showing your face and virtually engaging your kids and the topic
  2. Offer instruction and guide students through a particular assignment by talking then through and highlighting specific elements of the task as shown on their screen;
  3. Provide an overview for the week ahead, and a few links to begin their exploration;
  4. Show a Google Slide Deck (along with your face and voice) to teach a topic and offer direct instruction.

Note: If you are recording Loom videos on your computer, then students can see you in the recording (if you so choose), but if you are on your iPad or phone, then Loom recording offers only full screen or camera recording (no screen + camera function).  

Loom exists as a desktop application, a Chrome extension, and as a mobile app. The desktop application and the Chrome application have the same rich capabilities. The mobile app, while somewhat limited, has the great feature of supporting tablet screens as a writing surface, great for math problems and offering comments on papers.