Chapel Talks: All in the Telling

Through the telling of stories and the sharing of insights, chapel talks raise our community up, remind us of what it means to be part of the human family, challenge us to be our truest and best selves, and confront a host of realities that call us to action with our minds and hearts, heads and hands, body and spirit. The good challenge for each member of the senior class is to give expression to something personal and meaningful. Seniors often realize in this learning and discovery process that it sometimes takes a task like this to reveal significant personal beliefs, experiences, hopes, and convictions. Senior chapel talks are a way for us to illuminate and celebrate the human spirit, and these talks have become a significant and beloved part of school culture over time.

Life is short and we never have enough time to gladden the hearts of those who make the journey with us. O, be swift to love! Make haste to be kind.


2017-2018 Schedule


Mo. 11: Aubrey Benzing Plourde; Jake Farrell; Trish Berk

Mo. 18: Mariella Catalano; Annie Wang; Meaghan Haley

Mo. 25: Maksim Kopnin ; Leslie Rosario Oliva; Wesley Yang


Mo. 2: Hayden Galusza; Savannah Booth; Catherine Diamond

Fr. 6: Henry Linhares; Jack Poulson; Lyndsey Winick

Mo. 9: Chad Bernal; Berkeley Gardner; Olivia Ferrara

Mo. 16: No Speakers » Senior Class / Faculty Meeting

Mo. 23: Liam Riordan; Emme Ostrander; John Chace; Alli Naracci


Fr. 3: Sam Caffrey; Colin Lesage; Henry Van Eijk

Mo. 6: Angelica Mushenko; Aiden Bourke; Ollie Wolcott

Mo. 13: Julia Gengras; Laura Ramos Alonso; Francesca Salerno


Mo. 4: Chase Zimmerman; Calvin Todd; Lila Bertsch


Mo. 8: Candace Wang; Duun O’Hara; Alice Le

Fr. 19: Corbin Schneider; Kaela Thomson; Lisa Gorbalskya

Mo. 22: Thos Kuffour; Kayta Tsemo; Jordan Winer

Mo. 29: Brianna Apple; Bryce Voges; Linzee Tracey; Claire Anderson


Fr. 9: Matvey Maslov ; Uyen Dinh; Talibah Alexander

Mo.12: Henry Pommer; Maisie Sheidlower; Taylor Ettore

Mo.19: Jisu Jeon; Denny Lane; Linh Phan

Mo. 26: Billy Berry; Olivia Batastini Pallester; Khanh Vu


Fr. 2: Toby Ketchum; Alex Kim; Pumpipat (Nai) Durongkavibal

Mo. 5: Austin Schwartz;; Abby Castle; Christopher Toub; Ellie Xiao

Fr. 30: Abby Conway; Charles Slanetz; Bailey Riva;


Fr. 6: Naia Medina; Will Peterossi; Nate Gentile

Mo. 9: Alexsa Jack; Christine Giovanolli; Nick Sha

Mo. 16: Anastasia Kozitskia; Matthew Baldwin; Christina Bacon

Fr. 20: Jared Beniers; Michael Slanetz; Elizabeth Mann; Abby Stone

Mo. 23: Shaun Abbate; Camilla Grover Dodge; Alex Rondeau

Mo. 30: Anya Porter; Theodore Danzig; Michelle Deutsch


Mo. 7: Cat Corona; Frederick Cisse; Garrett Tiberi

Fr. 11: Michael Dorfman; Kyra Dal Bello; Illya Levin

Mo. 14: Allie DiBiaso; Reese Sowka; Paniti Mongkolpathumrat

Mo. 21: Dolores Ma; Enis Perez; Aren Kraft

The senior chapel program was initiated by former headmaster Brad Hastings ’68 as an important milestone experience for members of the senior class. Typically, each chapel meeting allows for three senior chapel talks. The meeting begins with words of welcome and introduction of the senior speakers by the student body president, followed by the senior speakers, then brief moments of silent contemplation before a final word and dismissal from the Head of School.

Each senior develops his or her authentic ideas and makes creative decisions around the what, why and how of chapel talks in conjunction with the faculty advisor and School Chaplain Bobby Fisher. Chapel talks are 6-8 minutes in length and recorded by the Pomfret Communications Office.