Chapel Talks: All in the Telling

Through the telling of stories and the sharing of insights, chapel talks raise our community up, remind us of what it means to be part of the human family, challenge us to be our truest and best selves, and confront a host of realities that call us to action with our minds and hearts, heads and hands, body and spirit. The good challenge for each member of the senior class is to give expression to something personal and meaningful. Seniors often realize in this learning and discovery process that it sometimes takes a task like this to reveal significant personal beliefs, experiences, hopes, and convictions. Senior chapel talks are a way for us to illuminate and celebrate the human spirit, and these talks have become a significant and beloved part of school culture over time.

Life is short and we never have enough time to gladden the hearts of those who make the journey with us. O, be swift to love! Make haste to be kind.


Mo. 10: Jahneh Haylett; Ella Wei
Mo. 17: Jack Srinivasan; Landon Krekorian; Curtis Motulsky
Mo. 24: Sophie Nardelli; Sean Hurley; Sean Hwang
Fr. 28: Garrett McMerriman; Liv Passarelli

Mo. 1: Ed Brambil; Leah Maffucci; Jason Cappo
Mo. 8: Hunter McGuinness; Arrietty Ji; Justin Kim
Fr. 12: Joe Kremer
Mo. 15: Nate Schuman; Kathy Liang; Luke LaShelle
Fr. 26: Anna Sosik; Sam Walker; Chelsey Castle
Mo. 29: Jack Lo; Brandon Griffin; Drew Marshall

Fr. 2: Tucker Sheehan; Wells Robinson; Evelyn Paquette
Mo. 5: Nhu Vo; Chris Choi; Amani Sanchez
Mo. 12: Ava Zhi; Julian Facon; Jacob Dilorio
Fr. 30: Hugh Toulmin; Peri Kay; Arden Hemingway

Mo. 3: Bobby Macleod; Jayden Lee; Dylan Weichselbaumer
Fr. 7 : Emerald Yu; Ryan Saunders; Quint Noyes
Mo. 10: Blair Carpenter; Will Gould; Komi Alasse

Mo. 7: Blake Coppola; Angel Kermah; Caroline Woodard
Fr. 11: Julian Facon; Amani Sanchez; Will Gould
Mo. 14: Brinton Thomas; Jamie Kellogg; Alessandra Zwack
Fr. 25: Sam Franz; Lucy Moseley; Gillian Horst
Mo. 28: Sawyer Zimmerman; Shaun Kittrell; Sam Webster




Fr. 8: Peyton Durand; Alex Chon-Kang; Beny Huckaby
Mo. 11: Andy Lane; Harry Browne; Maddie Fisher
Mo. 18: Nick Ng; Charlie Ferrucci
Fr. 22: Yongwoo Lim; Zoe Mintz; Maria Tews; Lexi Andrea
Mo. 25: Nate Karren; Valerie Gracia Panini; Harper Scott

Fr. 29: Cole McGill; Alex Dobi; Dale Dunning

Mo. 1: Lukas Weber; Won Lee Cho; Ella Hutchinson
Mo. 8: Ricardo Ponce Acevedo; Preston Pagli; John Mooney
Fr. 19: Patrick Cary; Anton Trofymenko; Anna Mendenhall
Mo. 15: Omar Alromaihi; Nacho Riera; Kenzie Tiemann
Fr. 26: Jack Dillon; Maddy Metcalf; John Goudreault
Mo. 29: Lucas Kammerman; Vanessa Lucero; Jack Locker

Fr. 3: Ricky Martin; Owen Pritchard; Jinny Phumphid
Mo. 6: Ian Uyeda; Finn Weber; Alexa McNeil
Mo. 13: Chris Verstandig; Yves Geyer; Alvaro Pasch Basagoiti
Mo. 20: Charlie Beall; Eliza Srinivasan; Rory Schauder


The senior chapel program was initiated by former headmaster Brad Hastings ’68 as an important milestone experience for members of the senior class. Typically, each chapel meeting allows for three senior chapel talks. The meeting begins with words of welcome and introduction of the senior speakers by the student body president, followed by the senior speakers, then brief moments of silent contemplation before a final word and dismissal from the Head of School.

Each senior develops his or her authentic ideas and makes creative decisions around the what, why and how of chapel talks in conjunction with the faculty advisor and School Chaplain Bobby Fisher. Chapel talks are 6-8 minutes in length and recorded by the Pomfret Communications Office.