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In light of the unprecedented uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and the start of school in September, our calendar is still evolving. As new dates are confirmed, we will add them here. Please check back frequently for the most up-to-date information.  

In a departure from previous years, campus will be open to all students for the duration of the school year, including long weekends, traditional breaks, and the distance learning period. During these times, we strongly encourage international students to remain in the US, either in the dorms or with an identified family member/guardian residing within 4 hours of campus.

This calendar is being updated on a regular basis. Please check back frequently for the most current information.

February 2021
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Sun, Jan 31
Mon, Feb 1
Tue, Feb 2
Wed, Feb 3
Thu, Feb 4
Fri, Feb 5
Sat, Feb 6
Sun, Feb 7
Mon, Feb 8
Tue, Feb 9
Wed, Feb 10
Thu, Feb 11
Fri, Feb 12
Sat, Feb 13
Sun, Feb 14
Mon, Feb 15
Tue, Feb 16
Wed, Feb 17
Thu, Feb 18
Fri, Feb 19
Sat, Feb 20
Sun, Feb 21
Mon, Feb 22
Tue, Feb 23
Wed, Feb 24
Thu, Feb 25
Fri, Feb 26
Sat, Feb 27
Sun, Feb 28
Mon, Mar 1
Tue, Mar 2
Wed, Mar 3
Thu, Mar 4
Fri, Mar 5
Sat, Mar 6