Need To Get Away?

This is how you request a short leave from school.

To venture more than one mile from the School at any time without a faculty member, students must request permission using a platform called Boardingware. Once the online request is submitted, the student's parents or guardians and advisor will receive an email from Boardingware, allowing them to accept or deny the student's request. If wishing to miss academics, athletics, and/or afternoon commitments, students must also receive approval permission from their teachers and/or coaches. Each request will be reviewed by the Dean’s Office or School Officer in-Charge (SOC) for final approval.

Request Leave
Weekend Leave

Students requesting to leave for a weekend (off-campus on Friday and/or Saturday nights) must submit forms in Boardingware by Thursday evening at 10:00 PM. Students will then need to wait until their requests have been approved in Boardingware prior to leaving campus. A list of approved weekend permissions will be provided in the Front Office by the end of the class day each Friday.

Failure to submit a weekend permission form on-time (if it is approved) will result in the student receiving two points. Any student who departs campus without final approval from the School will be considered AWOL, a Tier II violation of a major school rule. The Dean of Students reserves the right to deny a leave that is turned in late.

Students are expected to return from a weekend no later than 7:45 PM on Sunday evening, allowing them time to prepare for study hours, which begin at 8:00 PM. When they return to campus, students must check-in with their dorm faculty on duty. Returning late can be a distraction for others trying to study.

Weeknight Leave

Students who leave campus on a weeknight, must follow the same procedure required for weekend permission (as outlined above). However, depending on the timing of one’s leave, the student will most-likely need to complete the form and receive all necessary signatures and permissions as soon as possible. Please note that, in consultation with the advisor, the Dean of Students will decide whether to grant or refuse the leave.