Back to School

Everything you need to get ready for September.

Whether you're brand new or a seasoned Griffin, these resources will help you prepare for the upcoming academic year. This is a comprehensive, but by no means exhaustive, depository of useful information. If you have a question or concern about coming back to school, please let us know.

Registration Dates » Now Available

You should plan to arrive on (and not before) your appointed registration date. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Front Office at (860) 963-6100 prior to your arrival. Registration activities will be held in Parsons Lodge for students and their families. Please note that the registration for international students will be held in Robinson House (Admissions).

Monday, September 3 | 9:00 AM — 11:00 AM

Registration for Student Leaders

Tuesday, September 4 | 9:00 AM — 11:00 AM

Registration for New Students

Wednesday, September 5 | 9:00 AM 12:00 NOON

Registration for Returning Students

Thursday, September 6

Classes Begin

New Student Orientation All new students will participate in a series of informative orientation sessions run by the Dean of Student’s Office that will meet at various times throughout the first week of school. These sessions aim to provide new students with a better understanding of school life, policies and programs, as well as to help them form connections with other students and faculty. The information provided in the orientation sessions help to ensure a smooth transition to Pomfret.

Vacations and Long Weekends » Now Available

School vacations and long weekends are also located on the school calendar.

    • Family Weekend (October 18–20)
    • Long Fall Weekend (October 20–23)
    • Thanksgiving Break (November 17–26)
    • Winter Break (December 12–January 3)
    • Long Winter Weekend (January 30–February 4)
    • Spring Break (March 8–25)
    • Long Spring Weekend (April 20–22)
    • Commencement (May 26)
    • Last Day of School (May 30)

Because we are not prepared in our dormitories or dining hall to accept students before the appointed times, students should return at their scheduled time and not before. No vacations may begin earlier or extended beyond the appointed times. Students are not required to leave campus for long weekends.

Suggested Packing List » Now Available

This suggested packing list is provided to assist boarding students and their parents as they prepare for the approaching school year. The items listed are suggested and by no means mandatory or exclusive.

Computers and Technology » Now Available

Pomfret School technology supports students that use Macs or Windows computers for the 2018-19 school year.

Macs typically offer better battery life, user-friendliness, reliability and durability than PCs and we do strongly recommend that students bring a Mac. Pomfret faculty and computer labs are equipped with Macs and we have found the Macintosh operating system to be less susceptible to viruses and malware than Windows computers. By focusing on one platform we can improve the depth of our technical support and repair service whereas providing similar support to all types of Windows laptops and versions of Windows operating systems is more difficult due to variations in hardware and software.

If you're planning to bring a Windows computer, be sure to check with the Technology Office before you arrive to campus. Please note, Chromebooks or iPads are not acceptable substitutes at this time.

Requirements: Make sure your laptop meets our minimum requirements: A 2014 or newer Apple MacBook (Pro, Air, or "Macbook" are all suitable models). An internal hard drive of at least 256B and a minimum of 8GB of RAM. For students who expect to do a lot of photo or film editing and/or store a lot of music, we recommend more RAM and a larger internal hard drive.

Update: Before coming to campus, install all recommended updates for your laptop. All 2014 or newer MacBooks should be capable of running the latest Mac OS High Sierra (10.13).

Backup: Make a backup of your hard drive before you come to campus. Bring an external hard drive with you to campus for subsequent backups. Looking for a recommendation? This Seagate USB 3 model is an economical choice.

Physical: Check over your laptop for any physical issues - Do all the ports work? Is the screen damaged? Will the battery hold a charge for a minimum of 4 hours?

Protect: We strongly recommend a hard shell case to protect your laptop and a keyboard cover to protect the keys. Every year with have students that come in after a spill with accidental liquid damage. Bring along a well padded computer bag or backpack.

Invest: AppleCare+ for Mac extends your coverage to three years from the original purchase date of your Mac and adds up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a service fee of $99 for screen damage or external enclosure damage, or $299 for other damage, plus applicable tax.

Printing: Students should not bring their own personal printer. Pomfret provides multiple print locations for students.

Internet: Expect to use wireless internet at Pomfret. All academic, residential, and common spaces on Pomfret's campus are Wi-Fi enabled. Dorms do not support wired internet connections.

Tuition and PomfretCard » Now Available

Tuition Pomfret offers several tuition payment options suitable for a range of family financial situations. For parents not enrolled in one of the extended tuition payment schedules, charges for Tuition 1 and Fees will be billed on July 1 and payment is due by July 31. The document entitled Navigating Your Financial Requirements covers many topics of importance to parents.

PomfretCard An initial minimum deposit of $750 for boarders or $350 for day students must be received by July 31 to activate your child’s PomfretCard account. Please note: you will not be billed for this initial PomfretCard deposit.

Make A PaymeNT

Summer Reading » June Release

Each June we publish a required summer reading list right here. Read every day, if you can—in a favorite chair, waiting for a plane (or in it), idling under a tree, or lounging on a beach. Although we expect you to read at least three books this summer, we trust you will seek and read more that appeal to you.

Preseason Athletics » July Release


Student Handbook » Early August Update

We publish an updated version of our student handbook, the Griffin Guide, every August. In the meantime, here are a few policies to keep in mind:

Dress Code: TBD

Gaming: Personal gaming systems will not be allowed in the individual dorm rooms of freshmen or sophomores. However, those students are allowed to use them in dormitory common rooms, which will help foster a sense of community and bonding. Juniors and seniors are allowed the privilege of in-room systems.

Televisions: While televisions are still prohibited, a student is permitted to have one monitor in his or her room as long as it does not exceed 32" — a considerable increase in size from previous years. A standard 32" monitor measures 31.5" diagonally.

Refrigerators: All students will be allowed to have small refrigerators (less than 3 cubic feet) in their dorm rooms with the following stipulation: Freshmen may have one refrigerator per room; sophomores, juniors, and seniors may have one refrigerator per person.

Leave: In order to better streamline and simplify the weekend and weekday leave permission process, Pomfret School will continue to use an on-line attendance program called Boardingware. Following the same process as last year, students wishing to spend a night off campus will have to submit permission request forms through Boardingware using their secure website. Once request forms are submitted, students’ parents as well as other school personnel, such as advisors, coaches, and/or teachers, will receive email from Boardingware asking them to approve or decline the students’ requests. Requests will be reviewed and must receive final approval from members of the Dean of Student’s office before students depart campus. More information about Boardingware will be provided prior to the opening of school.

Attendance: Students are required to attend all school obligations — including academic classes, athletic or afternoon activities, QUEST programs and any other scheduled school event — throughout the year. Any student wishing to miss an obligation must receive special permission from the Dean of Student’s office and in most cases from other school personnel, which might include teachers, a coach, a college counselor, and/or an advisor. When organizing a weekend or weekday leave from campus, parents and students are encouraged to wait until they have received final approval from the Dean before committing to participating in any off-campus event and/or finalizing travel plans.

Class Schedules and Books » Early August Release

We release academic schedules in early August through your MyPomfret account. Our purpose in releasing schedules early is to give you ample time to review scheduled courses, and to order books in advance of your arrival in the fall. Should you have questions about scheduling or course placement, please contact Don Gibbs in the Academic Office. No schedule is set in stone. Plenty of time will remain to make adjustments, as necessary; we invite your participation.

Dorms and Advisors » Mid August Release

We release dorm assignments and faculty advisors in mid August through your MyPomfret account. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dean of Students Julie Kremer.