Sports Alternatives

There is more than one kind of team.

We love the thrill of interscholastic competition, but we also value the skills, life lessons, and health benefits of non-competitive teamwork, where groups of students and faculty work collaboratively to achieve common goals. During your time at Pomfret, you'll have the opportunity to do both.

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Chip Lamb

Fall, Winter, and Spring

Pomfret Theater rehearses and performs during each term in the academic year. Opportunities exist for students as actors, stage-managers, and technicians of all kinds. Plays are not announced in advance, but are carefully selected to fit the students who want to act in a given term. A musical is offered in the winter term and includes additional opportunities for singers and dancers. Prior experience is not necessary. Performances are attended by the entire school, as well as parents, friends, alumni, and residents of Northeastern Connecticut. The theater team has established a standard of excellence that is a long-standing tradition at Pomfret School.



Nina Joly

Fall and Spring *plus the opportunity to participate in the winter musical.

Outdoor Adventure

Bill MartiN

Fall Term

The Outdoor Adventure Program shares mission and purpose with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and Outward Bound. Typical activities include white water paddling, high ropes course and rock climbing, hiking, trail running, survival skills, orienteering, camping, and the ultimate challenge: candlepin bowling. Through the term, students learn technical skills, are given numerous opportunities for personal growth and leadership development, and play an active role in developing positive and productive group dynamics.

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Anne Richards

Fall, Winter, and Spring *yoga is combined with community service in the winter term.

The after school yoga program is designed to introduce students to a vinyasa flow practice. The class is designed so that the students can explore the strength and flexibility of their minds and bodies at their own pace, yet be challenged at the same time. Attention is given to breath-work and meditation at the end of each practice. The goal is to have the students learn techniques that they can take with them into their everyday lives. This after school activity is open to 5th and 6th formers who have fulfilled their sports requirement. It is open to underformers by special permission from the athletic office.

Community Service

Anne Richards, Olinda LaBeef, Bridget Tsemo, Micaela Dangelo

Fall, Winter, and Spring *community service is combined with yoga in the winter term.

The beating heart of the community service experience at Pomfret is the Community Service Internship Program. This after school program places a small number of interested student-volunteers at partner agencies in the local community, making a real difference in the lives of the people who call the Quiet Corner home. Most students volunteer two to four days a week for the duration of the academic term, which makes this program much more impactful and much more meaningful than a simple day of service.

Recreational Tennis

Jillian Forgue

Winter Term

Recreational tennis welcomes players from all different backgrounds and skill levels. No tennis experience is required. Daily practices include conditioning, drill work, match play, and group games, and our primary goals are self-improvement, physical fitness, and fun.

Horseback Riding

Sheridan Zimmer

Spring Term

Advanced Weightlifting

Matt Goethals

Winter and Spring Term *juniors and seniors only.

Advanced Weightlifting is designed for junior and senior athletes in the winter and spring seasons that want to improve their strength, speed, flexibility, and overall conditioning. The course teaches the Olympic lifts, as well as a variety of circuits and cardio-intensive exercises. Students work in groups of two or three, learn proper spotting techniques, and cheer each other on through grueling 70-minute workouts.

Strength and Conditioning

Charlie Houmard

Fall, Winter, and Spring. * seniors only.

Fitness is a lifestyle. The primary goals of the independent project are to teach the student to be accountable only to him or herself, and to foster fitness beyond the duration of the project. Students enrolled in this team activity meet with the fitness coach four times per week for a minimum of 60 minutes each session. Novices are offered exercise options that target their goals. More experienced athletes pursue a fitness plan designed by their coach or trainer. Students are expected to be self-motivated to finish the project successfully.