Sports Performance

There is no off season.

At Pomfret, we value the balance between off-season training, building a strong foundation, and creating new experiences with our offerings on campus. We support upper-class students to have one dedicated season of training throughout the school year.

Our strength and conditioning program on campus is co-led by a faculty member and an Olympic lifting coach with certifications in adolescent and functional movement. The strength and conditioning program is designed to build speed, power, agility, and explosiveness in our athletes. Working in groups of two or three, athletes engage in an agility or plyometric exercise to start, followed by a sequence of core lifts that complement one another.  Every workout finishes with a conditioning component that is designed to build strength or speed as well as cardiovascular fitness.  Athletes should finish this program feeling stronger, more fit, and with a deeper understanding of the details involved in the execution of an effective workout.  

Our upper-form students are able to participate in Strength and Conditioning or Lifestyle Fitness in the fall and winter terms. Both of these programs have prerequisites, including participating in two core activities, being an upper-form student and varsity precipitation for S&C.