The Gallery

A public celebration of the creative spirit.

Founded in 2013, the Pomfret School Gallery is home to a rotating exhibit of student, faculty, and guest artwork. It also serves as an intimate performance space. In 2017, the gallery moved to the historic Bosworth Block Building in the heart of downtown Putnam, CT. Overlooking Cargill Falls, this off-campus venue gives Pomfret student-artists the opportunity to create and curate exhibits and performances in a public space. Many student pieces are available for purchase, with proceeds benefiting the operation of the gallery. The Pomfret School Gallery is managed by Studio Arts Teacher Jean-Paul Jacquet with the help of an advisory committee.

Motion and GEsTure

Opening Night | Saturday, February 10 | 6:30 - 8:30 PM

January 31 - February 25. The works featured in Motion and Gesture, while disparate at first glance, are all united by the constant feeling of movement. All pieces are by current Pomfret School students who have engaged with the various meanings of motion and gesture. The works embody impulsivity and expression, both acts that are fundamental to artistic creativity. Each artist’s rendition captures a different interpretation of these simple concepts. But the works invite a multi-faceted reconsideration of the way gesture and motion interacts with the spaces around them. The opening reception, which is during Putnam's Fire and Ice celebration, will include student musicians from the contemporary music program.

About the Artists

Henry Reynal ’20 works primarily with acrylic paint on canvas board. His colorful and bold graffiti-style surfaces recall street artist Keith Haring’s public art. Reynal often mixes spiritual iconography with provocative words. A prevailing motif in many of his works is a bleeding eye. This omniscient eye oozes down the canvas. These vivid tears are interspersed with images of the divine and the decadent. While these wide eyes show viewers what is already visible, they also beg the question: what is not being seen? Reynal’s incorporation of designer labels and expensive items serve as clear reminders of the dangers of an overly indulgent world.

Ricardo Ponce Acevedo’s’19 charcoal on paper pieces showcase his love for the sea. Ponce Acevedo’s works emphasize the gestural ability to make marks. These seascapes are meticulously brought to life with curvilinear forms using gradations of black charcoal and eraser marks: the wing flaps from a flock of seagulls; the thrusts of waves against a ship or a buoy; the winds guiding the ship’s sails. The impulse to venture into the sublime is nothing new to the human experience. Here, one is ready to embark into the treacherous elements and an unknown fate. Hope is within reach as the light from the distant lighthouse signifies the end of an exhausting journey.

John Mooney’s ’19 works are rooted in the gestural acts of his sculptural media: molding a piece of clay, chiseling and smoothing plaster, cutting and bending metal. This dynamic gestural process results in work that may initially appear static; Mooney, though, relies on geometric and organic forms to hint at movement. Thus, a metallic fish rotates with a spin, clouds spread over waves of water, and an oculus hole highlights the subtleties faceting of the world in front of you.

The freshman class has experimented with ideas surrounding motion and gesture in their Photography and Physics courses. In Freshman Arts Immersion: Photography, students create dynamic still images of energetic movement. The Physics class project involves interactive kinetic installations that use the motion of a pendulum to create art with sand, paint, and pen and paper.


134 Main Street
Bosworth Block Building - 2nd Floor
Downtown Putnam, CT

Wed - Sat 11:00 - 5:00
Sun 12:00 - 4:00

The gallery is free and open to the public. A special thanks to our friends at Silver Circle Art Center for helping us with staffing.

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