Time is your most important asset.

People choose to volunteer at Pomfret for a variety of reasons. For some it is an opportunity to give back to a school that has given so much to them. For others it is the chance to make a difference in the life of a student or teacher. Whatever your reason, we have a volunteer opportunity for you.

Alumni Council

The Alumni Association Executive Council (AAEC) is the voice of the Alumni Association at Pomfret. The AAEC works hard to ensure that Pomfret remains relevant and meaningful for alumni throughout their life by providing career, social, mentoring, and networking opportunities.

Career Mentors

Career mentors make themselves available to speak with students and alumni about professional fields of interest. Career mentors are invited to participate in Career Expo, an annual campus event that allows mentors and current students to connect in person.

Event Hosts

Regional chapter event hosts are the life of the party. In partnership with the Advancement Office, they help plan and/or host Pomfret gatherings at bars and restaurants, private homes, golf courses, bowling allys, art galleries, museums, you name it. Each chapter sponsors two to six social networking events per year.

Class Agents

Alumni and parents agents work on behalf of Pomfret each year to connect with classmates and peers, offering anecdotes and insights into the life of the school, with the ultimate goal of encouraging them to support the school financially.

College Contacts

College contacts share their experiences at the universities/colleges and undergraduate and graduate programs they attended with current students and other alumni.

Reunion Committee

Reunion Committee volunteers work with the Advancement Office to plan and execute milestone reunions. This group contacts classmates, nominates potential award winners, identifies class speakers, plans specific class events, and works together to achieve a class fundraising goal.

Admissions Liaisons

Admissions liaisons work with the school to help spread the word (and in some cases) recruit families to join the Pomfret community.



Louisa Jones

Director of Constituent Engagement
Contact Louisa with questions relating to the Pomfret Parents Executive Council (PPEC) and classes from 1992 to present.


Tammie LaBonte

Director of Reunion Engagement
Contact Tammie with questions relating to the Alumni Association Executive Council (AAEC) and classes from 1946 through 1991.