Key Heads

Take it from the experts.

We call them Key Heads because they are key members of our community who serve as role models and leaders for the rest of the student body. During your visit, they will be your first and best source of information about living and learning at Pomfret.

Emma Aldenberg, Class of 2020, Sturbridge, MA

I chose Pomfret because the community I encountered when I first visited was different than any other place I have been. I feel surrounded by family in the classroom and on the athletic fields all the time. The academic schedule and the arts program were also something I loved when choosing Pomfret. I love spending time in the art room (definitely my favorite spot on campus), and traveling on the buses with my teammates to games! If you can’t find me in the art room, I am in the music hall playing music with my friends. Can’t wait to see you for a visit!

Charlie Beall, Class of 2019, Pelham, MA

For me, choosing Pomfret was all about the experience that I had on Revisit Day. As soon as I walked through the doors for registration I knew I wanted to attend. I truly felt the special community that you can only get at a place like Pomfret. My favorite place on campus is Freshman Circle for all the memories made there my freshman year, and again as a Prefect my junior year. Outside of class, you may see me in the fall on the soccer field or giving a tour, in the winter you can find me on the squash courts or watching our hockey teams in Jahn Rink, and in the spring you can find me on the baseball field or playing volleyball on the quad. Come visit Pomfret so you can see why it is such a special place!

Lexi Andrea, Class of 2019, Sag Harbor, NY

I chose Pomfret because of its rich traditions and genuine teacher-student relationships. These relationships help me to grasp the content in class better than ever before. When I am not in class, you can find me on the water rowing with my teammates. If I were to pick a favorite spot on campus it would definitely be the chapel. This is because of "candlelight" ceremony where the whole school gathers before winter vacation and sings classics like, "Silent Night." Some activities I love to be a part of at Pomfret are being on the quad in the spring term, and playing football and spike-ball with friends. Feel free to stop by to visit this amazing community!

Ryan Saunders, Class of 2019, Punta Gorda, FL

I chose Pomfret because it made it possible for me to have athletics and academics in the same place. When I visited, one thing that became very clear is the sense of community around campus, both in and out of the classrooms. This bond is visible through my personal favorite, the Form Olympics, where each form competes in a variety of different challenges. One of the Form Olympic activities takes place at the Jahn Rink, my favorite place on campus. Here I love to play hockey with my teammates, and develop friendships that will last a lifetime. Come visit Pomfret and see what makes it a special place!

Dale Dunning, Class of 2019, Dedham, MA

Pomfret has been my home for more than three years. I chose Pomfret because of the beautiful campus, the friendly community, and the competitive sports teams. While I do not live there anymore, Freshman Circle is my favorite place on campus as I have so many memories there as a freshman in Hale dorm and as a Prefect my junior year. My favorite activities are 8-man football and lacrosse. Both sports have been an important part of my experience at Pomfret. I am excited this year to be a tour guide and speak with prospective students about my time at Pomfret!

Madison Fisher, Class of 2019, Pomfret, CT

I had the opportunity to grow up at Pomfret, and ever since I was little I knew I wanted to attend because it truly has such a special atmosphere. When I finally reached my freshman year, I was not disappointed! The people are genuine and kind, the classes are engaging, and the games and activities that I get to be a part of are so fun! I’ll always remember my first weekend at Pomfret. We had form bonding and our entire grade had to help each other through the Ropes Course on campus. It was so fun and got rid of any nerves I previously had about a new school and new people! Some of my favorite memories I’ve made so far have been on the athletic fields with my friends and teammates, and also the countless hours sharing stories and laughs in the dining hall! Come by Pomfret for a visit and I guarantee you’ll fall in love with the school just like I have!

Hannah Leachman, Class of 2020, Markham, VA

I chose Pomfret once I stepped foot on the campus, and immediately felt the positive spirit from all around me. I loved how the students interacted with their teachers, and how there was always access to help when you needed it. When I walked around and saw kids everywhere, laughing and playing volleyball on the Quad, it really brought a smile to my face. The time really does fly here! It’s crazy to think I will already be a junior, as I feel like it was just yesterday that I was touring the school. When I’m not studying or in class, you can find me on the athletic fields making memories with friends, or taking advantage of the beautiful campus with other students. This is a truly special place. Come see for yourself on your own tour to feel how I felt when I first arrived!

Hugh Toulmin, Class of 2019, Newton, MA

I chose Pomfret because of the people, and the strong sense of community I felt while visiting campus. On the two days that I visited Pomfret as a prospective student, the weather was gloomy and depressing, yet every student and faculty member I met greeted me with a smile and no one seemed to skip a beat. When I am not studying in the library or eating meals with friends, I play on the varsity soccer team. The season of my junior year we were having trouble winning a game, but when we finally beat a huge rival, the bench cleared and every kid on the team tackled the goalie and formed a huge pig pile in celebration. When I am not playing soccer, I take advantage of the student center with friends. This includes singing during open mic nights, (although I’m not the best singer), watching a football game with my friends, or just grabbing a snack from the Tuck. I would love to share more of my stories with you, and hope that you will take a tour of the school that I have been able to call home for four years.

Wells Robinson, Class of 2019, Newport, RI

I chose to come to Pomfret because the support and guidance you receive is unbelievable. My older brother graduated in 2015, and had a memorable four years on the Hilltop which made my decision easier. My favorite place on campus is the Tuck Shop because they have some great snacks to start the day off. I love hockey and lacrosse, and being a member of different teams has introduced me to many new friends. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Take a visit to campus and get to see all that Pomfret has to offer.

Gill Horst, Class of 2019, Pomfret, CT

I chose Pomfret because growing up as a faculty kid the school was like a playground to me. I used to love running around and meeting kids, and counting the days until I could become a student. The best part of my day at Pomfret is dinner in the dining hall. After sports, sitting at the back tables talking and laughing for hours has become a tradition that is going to be hard to leave when I graduate. On almost any night, anyone who walks through the dining hall can hear me laughing. My favorite place on campus is the girls’ varsity soccer field, which we call the Field of Dreams. The memories I have made there, both good and bad, will always be a special part of my time at Pomfret.