A Global View

We bring the world to Connecticut.

Pomfret is proud of its longstanding commitment to international students. As an international student at Pomfret, you will participate in every aspect of campus life, from student council to community outreach to the performing arts, while being exposed to the best of American culture, values, and language. Pomfret supports international students by offering shuttles to specialty and ethnic grocery stores and restaurants; arranging for "homestays" when you are unable to return to your country for a short break; visa, I-20, and passport assistance; and transportation to and from airports during holiday breaks.


Culture Fest is a week-long celebration that includes a special dining hall menu of international cuisine. It includes an afternoon of shopping, cooking and dining amongst students and faculty from various cultures; and an evening of performances devoted to celebrating the various ethnic and cultural perspectives that a geographically diverse student body can bring to the students’ experiences.

International Students Club

International Students Club provides fun activities both on campus and off for all students. Activities include dances, dinners using favorite meals from home, and events such as Chinese New Year.

Chinese Club

The Chinese Club focuses on a variety of activities that introduce students to the culture, music, art, movie, literature, and history of China.

The application process is the same for both international and domestic students. However, students whose first language is not English are expected to take the TOEFL exam in addition to the other required tests. During the application process, most international applicants visit campus for the required interview and tour. During December and January, Pomfret hosts special afternoons for prospective international students.

Attention Chinese Applicants

If you are resident of and attend a school in mainland China, prior to scheduling your on-campus interview, you must submit a copy of your internet-based (IBT) TOEFL score report. Pomfret School’s TOEFL code is 8141. Please note that a minimum score of 95 is required to schedule an on-campus interview.  
Vericant Interview
If you plan on submitting an application to Pomfret, please note that a Vericant Interview is not required to secure an interview, but it is a required component of our application process. Please be sure that we receive your Vericant interview before January 15. 
Vericant will conduct preliminary interviews and facilitate short writing prompts. Please note that Vericant does not evaluate candidates. Instead, Vericant sends us your information for assessment. We use the interviews and writing prompts to help gauge your admissibility as a candidate.
Your Pomfret application fee does not include costs associated with the Vericant interview. Contact Vericant to schedule an appointment in a city near you. Interviews typically begin on August 1 of each year. For interview scheduling and fee information, please visit www.vericant.com.

I am already studying in the U.S. this year. Do I have to interview with Vericant?

A student who is currently studying at a school in the U.S. is not required to interview with Vericant.

I plan to visit campus. Do I have to interview with Vericant?

Yes. Last year we received more requests for campus visits than we could accommodate. This year due to the high number of applications from Mainland China, we require a preliminary interview with Vericant for all Mainland Chinese applicants before we will schedule a campus visit.

Is there a TOEFL minimum required in order to schedule an interview?

Yes, in order to schedule an interview, applicants must have received a minimum of a 95 on their TOEFL.

I scored a 95 or above on my TOEFL. Do I still need to interview with Vericant?

The TOEFL exam and the Vericant interview are both essential elements of each student’s application. A high mark on a TOEFL exam does not replace a Vericant interview.

If I work with a very good consultant, do I have to go through Vericant?

Yes, we require the Vericant interview for all applicants whether or not they are working with consultants.