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At Pomfret, you'll get the chance to explore your passions and interests, form lifelong friendships, and prepare for college. Through it all, we'll be here to support you, challenge you, and guide you towards a life full of academic accomplishment, personal fulfillment, and community engagement. Welcome home!

Next Steps

Ready to become a Griffin?

Contract and Deposit

To officially accept your spot at Pomfret, you need to sign a contract, make a deposit, and complete a student insurance request form. To get started, please log in to your Pomfret enrollment portal.


Available May 1

Sundial is the name of the password-protected portal system we use to share information with parents and students. In May, we'll send you a username and password, which you'll need to access your online registration forms.

Registration Forms

Due June 1

Once you have signed your contract and made your deposit, it is time to complete your registration forms. To do so, please visit your Sundial account and click Files and Forms. Please Note: These forms will be available starting May 1.

Health and Medical

Every year, we ask parents to  update their child's health information. To do so, we partner with a company called Magnus Health. To get started, visit your Sundial account and click Medical Forms.

Tuition and Fees

Pomfret offers several tuition payment options suitable for a range of family financial situations. For parents not enrolled in one of the extended tuition payment schedules, charges for Tuition 1 and Fees will be billed on July 1.
Make a payment.

Final Transcript Release

We need an official copy of your final transcript before you can start at Pomfret. To request one, please download this transcript release form and send it to your current school.


You probably have a few questions. 

How do I access my enrollment contract?

To officially enroll in the 2019–2020 academic year, the first step is to sign your contract and make a non-refundable deposit. Once you have signed your contract and made your deposit, you have seven days to complete a student insurance request form. Your contract and insurance form are available in your Pomfret Enrollment Portal.

What is the difference between enrollment and registration?

Enrollment occurs when you sign a contract, make a non-refundable deposit, and complete your student insurance request form, thereby securing your spot for the upcoming academic year. Contracts and deposits are due on April 10.

Registration is the second step in this two-part process. It involves completing various intake forms related to academics, student life, and health. For most families, it also includes making the first of two tuition payments. We consider a student fully "registered" when these criteria have been met. Registration opens on May 1 and continues through the spring and early summer.

What is Sundial?

Sundial is the name of the password-protected portal system we use to share non-public information at Pomfret. Over the course of the school year, you can use this account to update your contact information, and view your child's daily schedule, grades, athletics, dorm, and advisor information. Some teachers will also choose to post assignments and assessments here. In addition, Sundial houses your registration forms. To access your account, you will need a user-specific name and password. We will send these credentials to you via email on May 1 in conjunction with the opening of registration.

How do I make a tuition payment?

Pomfret offers several tuition payment options suitable for a range of family financial situations. For parents not enrolled in one of the extended tuition payment schedules, charges for Tuition 1 and Fees are billed on July 1 and payment is due by July 31. For your convenience, we accept payments made by cash, check, e-check, credit card, or wire. To learn more about tuition payments, please visit your Sundial account and click Tuition and Fees.

What is the PomfretCard?

The PomfretCard is the easiest way to make purchases on campus. It works just like a debit card. You make deposits into a secure account and your student uses those funds to make purchases at campus locales like the Tuck Shop and the School Store. The PomfretCard also serves as a campus key card, allowing your child to access his or her dorm or day room, and a photo ID, allowing him or her to release prints jobs, and pick up packages. Students are issued PomfretCards at the beginning of the school year. To learn more about the PomfretCard, please visit your Sundial account and click PomfretCard.

How do I register for classes?

For new students, course selection happens during the enrollment process. To register for classes, log in to your Sundial account, click on Files and Forms, then choose the "course selection form." Before completing this form, please take the time to review the 2019-2020 course offerings found on our website. At this time, you will be selecting both year-long courses and term electives for the entire school year. In addition:

  • All new students are required to complete the math placement evaluation.
  • If you choose one or more advanced courses on your course selection form, you'll also need to complete an advanced course application for each course.
  • Students studying a world language must complete a corresponding language placement evaluation. However, students with no prior experience in their language of choice do not need to take the placement evaluation.

In August, you will have the opportunity to make adjustments to a draft course schedule, with the goal of having classes set by the time you arrive on campus in September. If you have questions about this process, please contact Dean of Academics Don Gibbs.

Does Pomfret have a summer reading program?

Yes. Each June we publish a required summer reading list through Sundial. Read every day, if you can—in a favorite chair, waiting for a plane (or in it), idling under a tree, or lounging on a beach. Although we expect you to read at least three books this summer, we trust you will seek and read more that appeal to you.

Why do you need a copy of my final transcript?

We need your final transcript to verify the completion of your last school year and to credit you with any Pomfret diploma requirements. You may not be able to begin the 2019-2020 school year at Pomfret if we do not have a final transcript from your previous school. To get started, please sign and deliver the final transcript release form to your current school.

What is Magnus Health?

Magnus Health is a third-party company that we use to securely collect and store student medical information. Health forms are directly accessible through your Sundial account by clicking on Medical Forms in Resources.

Does Pomfret offer insurance?

Yes. We offer three basic kinds of insurance. The first is tuition refund insurance, which helps protect you from financial loss should you need to withdraw your child during the academic year. The second is accident insurance, which provides reimbursement for medical expenses in the event of an accident. The third is health insurance for international students. To learn more about insurance at Pomfret, please visit your Sundial account and click Insurance.

How does the laundry service at Pomfret work?

When it comes to laundry, you have two options. All dormitories are equipped with washers and dryers, which charge a nominal fee via a “Smart Card,” which is purchased at the dispensing machine located directly across from the student mailboxes in the basement of Main House.  

In addition, E&R Laundry offers a laundry and dry cleaning service to Pomfret students. With classes, course work, and sports, chances are your child's free time during the academic year will be limited. Let "E&R –The Campus Laundry" provide them with some valuable extra hours each week with its on-campus laundry and dry cleaning services. To learn more about laundry at Pomfret, please visit your Sundial account and click Laundry.

When are dorm and advisory assignments released?

Dorm and advisory assignments are released through Sundial every August. 

What is Boardingware?

To venture more than one mile from the School at any time without a faculty member, students must request permission using a platform called Boardingware. New parents will receive their login credentials at the beginning of the school year. Once an online request is submitted, the student's parents or guardians and advisor will receive an email from Boardingware, allowing them to accept or deny the student's request. If wishing to miss academics, athletics, and/or afternoon commitments, students must also receive approval permission from their teachers and/or coaches. Each request will be reviewed by the Dean’s Office or School Officer in-Charge (SOC) for final approval.


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