Key Heads

Take it from the experts.

We call them Key Heads because they are key members of our community who serve as role models and leaders for the rest of the student body. During your visit, they will be your first and best source of information about living and learning at Pomfret.

Emma Aldenberg, Class of 2020, Sturbridge, MA

I chose Pomfret because the community I encountered when I first visited was different than any other place I have been. I feel surrounded by family in the classroom and on the athletic fields all the time. The academic schedule and the arts program were also something I loved when choosing Pomfret. I love spending time in the art room (definitely my favorite spot on campus), and traveling on the buses with my teammates to games! If you can’t find me in the art room, I am in the music hall playing music with my friends. Can’t wait to see you for a visit!


Tyler Bourque, Glocester, RI, Class of 2020

I chose Pomfret because of the all-around quality in all facets of the school. The combination of a great community, academics that push me, and competitive athletic programs was very appealing to me. When I stepped onto campus for Revisit Day, I could picture myself here, partaking in everything Pomfret has to offer. Since joining the Griffin community, I have fully immersed myself and am so happy I made this decision. The quality of people that come through the Pomfret doors is what makes this place special, and we are looking forward to meeting you.


Max Freeman, Bronx, NY, Class of 2021

I knew that I was coming to Pomfret the second I got out of the car and walked into Admissions for my tour. The strong sense of community and the beautiful campus were two driving factors that made my decision for me. During my tour, I saw everyone hanging out with their friends or playing volleyball. The way students interacted with faculty was exciting to see and made me want to be a part of the community more.My favorite places on campus are the turf fields and Freshman Circle. Hanging out with friends and playing sports on the turf late at night is rewarding after a hard academic week, and Freshman Circle is an amazing place at Pomfret.  The memories created there are one of the reasons why I am excited to be a Prefect there this year. Late night conversations with my dorm parents and living with friends are some of the countless reasons why I love this place. Please come experience everything I did! It all starts with a tour!


Emmy Gengras, Bloomfield, CT, Class of 2021

The Pomfret experience is something I had always dreamt of from a young age because of many family members previously being Griffins. Having visited campus often, I was aware that this school was a place that I could have as much success as my family. When the time came to go off to high school, the Pomfret community was all that I wanted and more. I knew that the school had amazing academics, as well as athletics and an even better community. I have been so happy to have had the opportunity to attend such an exceptional school for the past few years, and can’t wait to see you on campus!


Hendrik Kist, Salisbury, CT, Class of 2020

I chose Pomfret because of my experience during Revisit Day. I noticed great energy between the students and faculty, and felt a lot of school spirit. I loved how open everyone was, and that people greeted each other when walking around campus. I came to Pomfret not knowing anyone, but immediately found a welcoming community. I love tennis and basketball, and found that being on those teams was a great way to make friends and meet new people. I am excited to see you this year, and would love to share my experiences at Pomfret, including which snacks to grab at the Tuck Shop (my favorite place on campus)!


Hannah Leachman, Markham, VA, Class of 2020

I chose Pomfret once I stepped foot on the campus, and immediately felt the positive spirit from all around me. I loved how the students interacted with their teachers, and how there was always access to help when you needed it. When I walked around and saw kids everywhere, laughing and playing volleyball on the Quad, it really brought a smile to my face. The time really does fly here! It’s crazy to think I will already be a junior, as I feel like it was just yesterday that I was touring the school. When I’m not studying or in class, you can find me on the athletic fields making memories with friends, or taking advantage of the beautiful campus with other students. This is a truly special place. Come see for yourself on your own tour to feel how I felt when I first arrived!


Matt Rehm, Darien, CT, Class of 2021

I decided to come to Pomfret because of the warm sense of community I felt when I first visited campus. It felt as though everyone was friends with each other, and I was immediately drawn to this. It was easy to see how close the students were with one another during a stop in the dining hall. The food, conversations, and open design have helped make this place my favorite spot on campus. Some athletic teams that I love being a part of are lacrosse and football. They have taught me a lot about what it is like to belong to a hardworking team. I’ve made many new friends and memories since arriving to campus, and can’t wait to introduce you to what Pomfret has to offer! 

Bailey Sheehan, Pomfret, CT, Class of 2021

I chose Pomfret after having the opportunity to grow up on campus. As a kid, I watched the students participate in activities such as Air Bands, Form Olympics, and the Halloween parade, and knew that this was the place for me. I watched championship games alongside cheerful Pomfret students, and waited for the day I would be the one on the field. During those times I wanted to be a part of this caring and loving community. Now as a junior, I am able to participate with the sports teams I once cheered for on the sidelines, enjoy fun activities on Saturday nights, and eat dinner in the dining hall NOT sitting with my parents. I have memories of Pomfret from years of being the little faculty kid running around, and from my memorable freshman and sophomore years. I have loved every moment, and can't wait to hear about what you are looking forward to experiencing!


Kevin Wang, Quito, Ecuador, Class of 2021

I chose Pomfret because of the amazing experience I had during my campus visit. The moment I stepped onto campus, I was greeted warmly by Admissions and lost the anxiousness of visiting for the first time. The campus tour and interview went smoothly, and soon I decided that Pomfret was the place for me. The friendly and engaging atmosphere really lured me in. At Pomfret, every student is encouraged to be their true self: to develop as a scholar, an athlete, a musician, an artist, and more. I had played the electric guitar for four years before coming to Pomfret, but I have grown into a much more skilled and creative musician than I once was because of the musical experiences that I have had here. Don’t hesitate and come for a campus tour, you will not regret it!


Yubing Yang, Wellesley, MA, Class of 2021

Pomfret not only has substantial academic, arts, and athletic programs, but also has an inclusive community that pushes me to reach my full potential, and to explore different fields. During my visits here, I was drawn towards the various programs Pomfret offered and the welcoming environment created by both faculty and students, which is why I ultimately chose to attend this school. During the day, you can find me doing work with friends in the Tuck Shop, or planning the next ASA gathering with my co-leaders in the dining hall. In the afternoon, you can see me running on the XC trails in the fall, in Hard Auditorium prepping for the winter musical, or coxing my boat on Quasset Lake in the spring. Throughout these two years, Pomfret has given me the opportunity to grow, both in and outside of the classroom. I have developed my voice in this lovely place where many of us call home, and I am sure you will too!