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Ready to become a Griffin?

Needless to say, we think you've made the right choice. To officially accept your spot at Pomfret, you need to sign a contract and make a deposit before April 10. To get started, please log in to your Pomfret Enrollment Portal

Contract and Deposit

To officially accept your spot at Pomfret, you need to sign a contract, make a deposit, and complete a student insurance request form. To get started, please log in to your Pomfret enrollment portal.


Available May 1

Sundial is the name of the password-protected portal system we use to share information with parents and students. In May, we'll send you a username and password, which you'll need to access your online registration forms.

Registration Forms

Due June 1

Once you have signed your contract and made your deposit, it is time to complete your registration forms. To do so, please visit your Sundial account and click Files and Forms. Please Note: These forms will be available starting May 1.

Health and Medical

Every year, we ask parents to  update their child's health information. To do so, we partner with a company called Magnus Health. To get started, visit your Sundial account and click Medical Forms.

Tuition and Fees

Pomfret offers several tuition payment options suitable for a range of family financial situations. For parents not enrolled in one of the extended tuition payment schedules, charges for Tuition 1 and Fees will be billed on July 1.
Make a payment.

Final Transcript Release

We need an official copy of your final transcript before you can start at Pomfret. To request one, please download this transcript release form and send it to your current school.


You probably have a few questions.

The Deadline to Reply is April 10.

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