Areas of Focus

Grauer is bringing a visionary program into even sharper focus.

The Grauer Family Institute exists to equip each and every student with the skill, knowledge, character, and confidence they will need to meet society's most pressing challenges. It does this by working with teachers and students across four unique areas of focus: programmatic alignment, curricular development, student agency, and mastery learning. 

Programmatic Alignment
Increasing coherence across academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular programs.

Curricular Development
Connecting student learning with real world experience and challenges.

Student Agency
Amplifying student voice and choice in and beyond the classroom.

Mastery Learning
Launching a competency-based approach to assessment, reporting, and transcript design.

At Pomfret, we spend as much time talking about learning as we do about teaching. That's an important distinction.

— Gwyneth Connell, Director of the Grauer Family Institute


Current Projects

  • A holistic shift to competency-based learning
  • The integration of neuroscience in pedagogy
  • An emphasis on equity in curriculum
  • Continued participation in Harvard Graduate School of Education's Project Zero
  • Integration of AI into the curriculum as a tool.

Past Projects

  • New Portrait of the Graduate
  • The Wellington Engagement Index
  • Project: Pomfret
  • The Helios Project
  • Science by Design and Arts Immersion courses for the 9th grade
  • New Humanities classes for the 9th and 10th grade
  • New Global and Sustainable Development course for the 10th grade
  • Total redesign of classroom learning spaces throughout campus
  • Introduction of long-block scheduling