The Grauer Institute @ Pomfret School

Pushing the boundaries of what a boarding school can and should be.

Though our school is more than a century old, we embrace a vision for growth and change that rivals the newest and most forward thinking schools in the country. The Grauer Institute exists to push the boundaries of what a boarding school can and should be through research, professional development, and programmatic innovation. Grauer also serves as a thought leader in secondary education, sharing our best ideas with other schools and institutions from across the country and the world.


Focus Areas

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About the Director

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Made possible by a generous gift from former Board Chair Peter Grauer and his wife, Laurie, the Grauer Family Institute for Excellence and Innovation in Education is leading the way.

In 2013, school leadership at Pomfret established an ambitious goal: to permanently endow a position that would exist at the center of major cultural and pedagogical shifts in secondary education. At its core, the Grauer Institute was designed to help reimagine teaching and learning not only for Pomfret but for all of secondary education.

Today, under the leadership of Gwyneth Connell, a bold and visionary thinker, the Institute makes significant resources available for faculty to experiment with emerging teaching methods and pursue ongoing professional development so that they may design and deliver innovative programs across a broad spectrum of the student experience.