A Leader in Learning

The Grauer Institute is the academic engine at Pomfret.

The Grauer Family Institute for Excellence and Innovation in Education at Pomfret School is a thought leader on a range of educational issues. The Institute makes significant resources available for faculty to undertake research and pursue professional development opportunities so that they may design and deliver innovative programs inside and outside the classroom.

Pomfret is committed to pioneering new approaches to secondary education and sharing its experience with other educators. While preserving high academic standards that have traditionally defined a Pomfret education, we are dedicated to preparing our graduates for success in a world that will be defined by the need for creative, collaborative solutions to global challenges.

The Priority

It is the highest priority of the Strategic Plan to establish Pomfret at a level of academic performance that will make it known for superior teaching, curriculum design, cutting edge applications of technology, and an inclusive thoughtfully cultivated community of adults and students.

The Objective

The Grauer Family Institute will build upon the School’s current strengths by reinforcing the faculty with the necessary tools for research, education, and access to professional development so they may design and deliver innovative programs in the classroom. The goal will be to invest the faculty with the tools and experience needed to develop and foster a meaningful and distinct learning environment, preparing its graduates for success in a diverse and increasingly interconnected world.

The Responsibility

Primary responsibility of the Director of the Grauer Family Institute will be to position Pomfret as a recognized leader in secondary school education. The Director will research, develop, and help introduce best practices in the education of the whole child that move students toward the Vision of the Pomfret Graduate outlined in the Strategic Plan. He or she will work closely with the faculty and the administration of the School in creating initiatives that drive the educational innovations that will help the faculty as they work with students to maximize their particular gifts..

Jamie Baker

Director Of the Grauer Family Institute

Jamie Feild Baker officially took the helm as Director in July 2014. An educator by profession who has gained an international following as a master planner, strategist and curator of ideas, Jamie formerly served as the Executive Director of the Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence in Memphis, Tennessee; prior to that, she was the Institute’s Director of Strategic Partnerships. She is a recognized consultant in strategic planning, accreditation, as well as a respected advocate of innovation in education and the importance of mentoring and support systems for new teachers.

A 1984 graduate of Georgetown University with degrees in economics and finance (including a stint as an intern in the Reagan White House), Jamie spent more than ten years in investment banking and institutional sales, and entrepreneurial ventures in hotel and real estate development.

After attending the Master’s Program in Creative Writing at the University of Memphis — and teaching college English as a course requirement — she could see parallels between the board room and the classroom, and the similarities in how “institutions grow and take on challenges.” Her focus shifted to education and the work she does now. She presents her three-day workshops around the country and the world, and the engagement and continued contact with the teachers she has met, she says, is what she loves the most. “They keep in touch,” she says, “they’ll say, ‘here’s what I’m still doing.’”