Project: Pomfret

Learning can only happen when you’re fully engaged, when you find what excites you and commit to mastering it.

Each year we set aside two weeks for students to collaborate with faculty on creative and impactful experiential education projects. We use our Hands to make something, our Feet to do something, our Heads to learn how to do something, and our Heart to do something for others. Our projects have real world applications and align with at least one United Nations Sustainable Development Goal. The culmination of our work is celebrated in a project fair, TEDx event, art gallery, and reflective essays. 


Tuesday, February 27 –  Friday, March 8


Hands (Make Something)
Escape Room/ Cryptography
Design and Style
Pomfret Mural
Green Griffins/ Permaculture (Sugar)
Fly Tying and Fishing
Cooking and Connections

Feet (Do Something)
Global & Sustainable Development
Criminal Justice
Stewardship of Campus Trails
Dark Skies of West Virginia
Pomfret Medical Club

Head (Learn How to Do Something)
Freshman: Stories Matter 
Mock Trial
Power Read and Lift
Create a New Sport/Game
Model UN
Perform an Original Play
Black Student Union to DC
Life Skills 101

Heart (Do Something for Others)
Cinderella Project
We are Fit
Happiness Project